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Watch: Ohio State Building Player Brands with ‘BrandU’

Ohio State Football Buckeyes BrandU

Since the inception of Real Life Wednesdays a few years back, Urban Meyer has tried to find ways to prepare his players for life after football.

Meyer has invited CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors, community leaders, former players, and anybody who has a positive lesson to add, to speak with his team in an effort to continue to build up Ohio State football players as men.

Last year, Meyer talked to his players about taking ownership of their own names and their surroundings, and to also take ownership of the football program that they were a part of.

Recently, that call for ownership went in a new direction for the players, specifically in the form of branding.

Branding is everywhere right now, and with the exposure that Ohio State players receive, they already have a built-in audience.

In the video below, Sammy Silverman, who is Ohio State football’s assistant director of creative media and branding, spoke with the team about the importance of branding and how OSU is willing to help them build that brand throughout their careers, and even after.

It is an interesting look behind the scenes at something that a lot of players talk about, and it is something that is growing as a recruiting tool as well.