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Accost the Field — The Joe Burrow Fallout

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Note: There were some sound issues on my part in the show. My apologies. We will get them corrected in the future. Thank you for your undying patience as always. If you downloaded this show prior to around 3:30 pm on Wednesday, you will want to re-download the episode because most of those issues have been fixed.

In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk Ohio State football, and in particular the transfer of Joe Burrow. How do we think the conversation went between Urban Meyer and Burrow? Where might Burrow be headed? Could the Buckeyes be looking at some grad transfers, and who might be out there. How does this impact Tate Martell’s playing time? Is Dwayne Haskins ready for what is coming his way? Listener questions are also addressed at the end of the show.

The Rundown

+ The big transfer news — Matt Burrell to Sam Houston State.

+ Lost in the Matt Burrell transfer news was the Joe Burrow transfer.

+ All hail Dwayne Haskins for rejuvenating the OSU quarterback storylines.

+ Joe Burrow’s dad provided the first hint.

+ What was the conversation like between Joe Burrow and Urban Meyer.

+ Was there anything that Meyer could have said to Burrow to keep him, without outright lying?

+ Possible destinations for Joe Burrow.

+ What’s the best fit for Burrow’s future.

+ Could he go to Cincinnati and lead a second-straight AAC team to a national title?

+ What about Texas?

+ There’s no need to block him from leaving for a future opponent because the Buckeyes would have an advantage in knowing him if they were to ever play against him.

+ Blocking Burrow’s transfer is a can of worms that Urban Meyer probably isn’t interested in opening.

+ The danger of Joe Burrow knowing OSU’s offense.

+ The thoughts on a split locker room.

+ Joe Burrow’s departure clears up some things, but is the cost too high?

+ This isn’t the 2015 offense.

+ Dwayne Haskins is now the starter and his life is never going to be the same.

+ How much of Tate Martell do we see this year now?

+ The graduate transfer market is thin.

+ Matthew Baldwin will be able to play late in the season, so he could be available if needed at some point this year.

+ How does the transfer impact quarterback recruiting now for the Buckeyes.

+ Could they sign two quarterbacks this year?

+ Which position group is happiest with the transfer?

+ What would happen if the Buckeyes lose all three quarterbacks this season?

+ How many games would OSU win with redshirt freshman walk-on QB Kory Curtis starting every game?

+ Will Tate Martell transfer if he gets passed on the depth chart by Matthew Baldwin?

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