Welcome to the Dwayne Haskins Era of Ohio State Football

Dwayne Haskins Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins woke up this morning as the leader of the Ohio State football program, and that’s a whole lot to wake up to.

Competing for a job is one thing, but the reality of owning that job begins a brand new stress.

With Joe Burrow’s transfer on Tuesday, Haskins is now the not-quite-yet-undisputed starting quarterback for the Buckeyes. Tate Martell will still throw his hat back into the ring in fall camp, but for now, this Buckeye team is under the swathful arm of Dwayne Haskins.

To Haskins’ credit, he said in the spring that until he was told differently, he believed he was the starting quarterback, and that’s how he was going to operate.

But today is a new day because there is no more question. There can be no doubt in Haskins’ mind. Ohio State can’t afford it.

The Ohio State offense is going to live or die with Dwayne Haskins. Anybody can think they’re ready when they’re fighting for something, but once you win, then the job truly begins.

Haskins has been doing what the starting quarterback needs to be doing, but now he’ll be doing it with the weight of the football program on his shoulders.

There could also be a freedom to this as well. Haskins is no longer attached to Joe Burrow. He is now a solo act, free to reform this Buckeye offense into his own vision. Or at least as much as the OSU coaches are willing to allow it.

Now he can focus on his connection with the team and his receivers, rather than wondering if Joe Burrow is doing something right now that he should also be doing.

Dwayne Haskins learned how to lead this program from J.T. Barrett, who Urban Meyer would probably call the best leader he’s ever had at Ohio State. If there is a model to copy, Haskins can’t beat Barrett’s will, drive, and pull. Barrett’s teammates fought for him, fought with him, and followed his example. Now Haskins provides the example to follow and he will have to continue showing his teammates that he knows where he’s going.

This was the direction the Ohio State offense was heading anyway. In the winter, Haskins was spoken of as the likely starting quarterback. Players spoke openly about the changes in the offense that they were looking forward to, so this should be a very happy marriage. Less running of the quarterback, more running of the tailbacks, a more effective downfield passing game, and an offense that can win the final two games of the year against the best defenses the Buckeyes will see.

This isn’t the 2015 offense with Ed Warinner and Tim Beck. Cardale Jones won’t be looking over his shoulder and J.T. Barrett won’t be trying to be more like Cardale Jones. This is the 2018 offense with Ryan Day and Kevin Wilson. It’s a huge difference.

The 2015 offense was like off-roading with a Ferrari. The 2018 Ohio State offense is the open road with nothing but blue skies ahead.

At least in a perfect world.

The Buckeyes have two proven running backs, more experience at receiver than perhaps anybody else in the nation, tight ends who littered the tops of the recruiting rankings, and an offensive line that is deep, but with much to prove.

In other words, there is enough here to work with for Dwayne Haskins.

This could be the offense Buckeye fans wanted to see following the glimpses at the end of the 2014 season.

Haskins will surely open up the field, but don’t forget that the 2014 team had the best deep threat Urban Meyer’s ever had, the best blocking receiver Meyer has ever had, and a receiver in Michael Thomas who is currently making the NFL look pretty damn easy.

That offense wasn’t just Cardale Jones. And it wasn’t just Ezekiel Elliott. It was everyone.

The potential is there for this offense to be similar.

The Buckeyes don’t need “best-in-school-history” levels of wide receiver because “Ohio State-caliber” will suffice.

Regardless of who is quarterbacking this team, their job is to distribute the football. The running game should be fine, and the passing game will be able to threaten every inch of the football field. But those threats can’t be empty.

Today is a new day for Dwayne Haskins and Ohio State football.

And his coaches are banking on him being ready for it.

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  1. We should write out our predictions and send them to Tony. At the end of the season he can crown the armchair quarterback of the year. As well as make fun/fire those of us that come up short.

      1. Dwayne Haskins final stats for 2018

        220 – 380 – 2530 yards
        6,7 yards per attempt 11.5 per reception
        57.9% completion
        22 TD’s

        80 rushing attempts for 140 yards, 1.75 per attempt 0 TD’s. (does not include sacks).

        1. I’ll bet you five internet dollars (barring injury) that he’s closer to 3500 yards than 2500 yards. 🙂

          1. I doubt he finishes the season, but YOU’RE ON!

  2. Haskins needs to read the defense just before the play. More often than not, he is concentrating only on the offensive movements. I expect him to get sacked quite often if he does not see what the defense is doing. Expect him to move more and more to a shotgun QB if he does not improve at the line.

  3. I will fall in line and say the best bet for a championship is leaving. My opinion is based on what I have seen and the spring game show the better of the two. Haskins is no scrambler when the line brakes down which it has shown to do. Burrow could scramble, and had the touch on the football. Haskins just wants to see how far or hard he can throw. Martell is a scrambler for sure but his passing is lacking at this point. If both QB would go down I believe there other talent in the group, just not championship caliber. I am disappointed Joe Burrow got a raw deal from the coach. I hope for the best but not looking for a championship season this year. It’s not in the tea leaves. go bucks.

  4. “I’m not impressed with Haskins.” Being a life long Buckeye beginning my OSU love fest watching Archie and Woody, any OSU qb that comes in and rallies OSU over MI there, I am impressed with. Especially since he didn’t have a whole lot of game experience. Enough said for now!

  5. Haskins will need to improve his touch and accuracy just a bit on short routes. This will be particularly important considering you will have guys like Campbell and Hill on the field who primarily only catch balls on short routes. He does not always have to show off his arm…hopefully there are plenty of deep out, comeback, post, flag, and post-corner routes called to showcase his arm plenty. But this would require the coaches playing some fresh faces at WR

  6. The entire O will hinge on Haskin’s ability to consistently hit the short and intermediate routes. JTB’s arm was too intermittent to ever allow the O to blossom. JTB’s leadership and leg led to great things for him and for OSU. Should Haskins be able to be a consistent passer than OSU’s O will be a fine tuned Ferrari!

  7. If there’s 1 good thing in Dwayne’s favor. Unless Iowa wins the west division he won’t have to worry about getting slaughtered. Iowa knows what to do with the CEO’s offense. Smack it in the teeth and make it quit.

    Of course that could still happen if Joe winds up in Lincoln.

  8. Has anyone considered the fact that the Buckeyes are now two hits away from a freshman with one good wheel?

    1. Jim, I believe that OSU would be better with their walk on QB Kory Curtis than a one-legged QB. Kory can actually throw with more accuracy and further than Haskin. Having said that, I hope this quasi QB competition does not bite OSU in the backside. As we saw in the fall last year…Joe was the backup until he broke his hand in camp….could that happen again this year, if so, you are now searching for another backup.

      1. Kory stands a legitimate shot at starting before this season ends.

        I believe that Tate could do the job if Dwayne goes down, but the idea of a Conference title is gone. In another year maybe, but not this year.

        All of the staffs bluster about finding what the player does and tailoring the offense to him, is just that. It’s taking the staff a year just to mold the offense to fit Dwayne and trying to get each element of the offense crafted around that “foolish” PRE 2018 New Year (if my buddies are right, and it appears they are). Changing an entire scheme takes time, and even more time to build continuity and chemistry. If that horse has to be changed mid stream they can go ahead and fold up the 2018 season and call it a rebuilding year even with an offense dripping with talent.

        The spring showed Joe Burrow the best option. That option is now gone. It also showed that Tate isn’t even close to being ready for Saturdays yet. Calling on him to drive an offense tailored for a pure pocket passer would be TOTALLY unfair to him.

        I just think what’s happened in this offense thus far has been politics. VERY bad politics at that.

        1. Step away from the ledge James. Urban and Ryan Day have already said a million times that they aren’t changing the offense, no matter who wins the QB battle. The offense will be built around the QB’s strengths as it should be. It sounds more like you’re just offended that OSU didn’t choose the QB that you wanted back there and now you’re whining about it, going as far as saying we aren’t going to win a conference title anymore and Iowa has “figured us out” Just stop it. Have faith in Haskins.

          1. Put your crack pipe down Logan……….the staff has said REPEATEDLY that they adapt the offense to “fit the players” particular skill set. Only someone deaf dumb and blind can see ANY similarities between Dwayne and Tate.

            I couldn’t have cared less if there was real visible evidence that Dwayne had won the starting job. Our visible evidence showed that Dwayne was a distant 2nd after the Spring. I figured that I’d wait to see what the Spring game showed before believing friends of mine who said there never was a QB competition. Judging by a Spring game nothing was different between Joe last year before he was injured and the end of Spring. He was head and shoulders above Dwayne. Head shoulders and torso ahead of Tate.

            Stop trying to put words in other people’s mouth, or at least try to learn how to read and comprehend. I never said the Buckeyes would “never” win a conference title again. Let me repeat this for you since you are seriously challenged mentally. “I BELIEVE THAT TATE COULD DO THE JOB IF DWAYNE GOES DOWN, BUT THE IDEA OF A CONFERENCE TITLE TITLE IS GONE…………..IN ANOTHER YEAR MAYBE, BUT NOT THIS YEAR.”

            Big 10 coaches are adapting to the Buckeyes CEO and have closed the gap. Iowa showed the blueprint on what to do, just as MSU has. Punch the Buckeye offense in the face………the quarterback………and the Buckeye CEO is dead in the water.

            I won’t stop believing what the evidence clearly shows. That’s my opinion. Sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m right. You might want to step away from the staff soundbyte, made for gullible fans slop trough, and actually try paying attention. Sadly it appears that paying attention is more than you can afford.

            1. That blueprint didn’t work so well for MSU last year, though.

              1. Dantonio fields teams with a severe talent shortfall against Ohio State year in and year out.. Looking at the rosters, that match-up, or a match-up with even weaker roster than MSU’s, like Iowa should heavily favor the Buckeyes. On paper, they do. On the field? Not so much. Just like last year when Iowa was a 4 or 5 TD underdog. Iowa proved that if you punch the Buckeye QB in the face, they fold like a non starched 12 year old suit.

                I’m actually THRILLED that the Buckeye CEO is now forced to feature someone other than a weak armed QB with great leadership skills and toughness. Perhaps, just perhaps the talent around the QB will finally be exploited. That’s “if” the guy behind center can get them the football with any kind of reasonable consistency. If opponents can limit the Buckeye receivers as a whole unit to below 60% in the passing game, it’s going to be a long year.

                I don’t have much confidence in Dwayne, especially after that poor performance in the Spring game that he claimed was enough to earn him the starting spot. You already know my position on coming into the _ichigan game. Smoke and mirrors based on a DC who had prepared his defense for a running back rather than a QB, and was dead in the water trying to come up with adjustments on the fly.

            2. You’re basing your opinion on Joe Burrow being better because he made a few more completions in a glorified 7 on 7 scrimmage in a 2 hand touch game. Just stop man. Haskins won the battle for a reason, he performed better all spring and now you should stick behind him instead of whining about it.

              1. I’ll be cheering every Saturday……..and this is a repeat of a repeat of a repeat statement………EVERY Buckeyes who takes the field.

                I base my opinion on a 3 year study of the 2 quarterbacks. All 3 years has shown clearly that Joe was ahead of his competition. Some of my views were first hand. Some of them were secondhand, which showed the same point of reference. Other information was gleaned from writers and articles. JT was the starter last year, but that was out of loyalty. He stunk as an effective downfield passer. Both Dwayne and Joe were better quarterbacks. That “glorified scrimmage” was merely proof of already known information relating to the 2 in a hypothetical (and that’s all it was) competition. There never was a competition for the starting spot. Still, none of that will stop me from screaming my lungs out on Saturdays. The 2 are mutually exclusive.

            3. You need to watch more football, hask has been the best option since spring game 2017. Also, our defense will be better than last year, I would say 1.5 times better. Relax and watch, try not to pee when hask dominates. Go bucks!

              1. LOL. I watch more than my fair share of football. I hope Dwayne does a good job, and you’re wrong, he was the 2nd best option LAST year, but, that put him ahead of JT Barrett. All the talk about what a strong arm he has, and it’s definitely better than JT’s arm, but did you watch the throwing competition? He finished 3rd behind Cardale AND Joe Burrow. Just the facts. Joe had consistently outperformed Dwayne.

                What’s the defense got to do with the quarterback position? But since you threw that abstract reference out there? If the Buckeye defense had to face this new version of the Buckeye offense, they would utterly ruin it. As long as Larry Johnson is coaching the defensive front, the Buckeye defense will always be one of the Nations best.

                Sitting is a seat cheering for every player for the Buckeyes that takes the field is as natural a thing to do as waking up. In the offseason evaluating key players especially and discussing them is just as natural for anyone who actually DOES watch “more” football. Try it sometime.

            4. Watching the MSU game last year, it didnt look to me like they figured anything out.

              1. MSU was ill prepared because they were too busy laughing at the Buckeyes getting in Iowa the week before.

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