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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr are joined by producer Shannon Sommers as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes. In this week’s show, the fellas talk about the potential for a quarterback competition this season. They also address Urban Meyer’s comments about the new redshirt rule, transfer rule, and OSU’s plans for the new kickoff rule. Recruiting is also a topic, as Friday Night Lights is previewed. The Buckeyes’ QB plans for 2019 and 2020 are discussed as well. All this and a whole bunch more.

The Rundown

+ Sorry for being a day late.

+ Talking about Urban Meyer talking about his team at the Ohio State Football job fair.

+ Dwayne Haskins is the starting quarterback.

+ Tate Martell is still going to have a shot at the job and people need to deal with it.

+ Ohio State is always about competition, so no jobs are guaranteed.

+ You want the No. 2 quarterback to stay involved.

+ Is there a danger with the expectations that people have in Dwayne Haskins?

+ What would be a pleasant dream for Michigan fans?

+ Would Michigan fans rather be 8-4 with wins over MSU & OSU, or 10-2 with losses to OSU & MSU?

+ How would the new redshirt rule have impacted the Buckeyes last year?

+ How will it impact the Buckeyes this year?

+ Who are we looking forward to seeing this year thanks to the redshirt rule.

+ Will the redshirt rule lead to fewer freshmen playing?

+ Will coaches hold players back for rivalry games and bowl games?

+ Freshmen will be September callups in November, December, and January?

+ You know Nick Saban has a plan for how to use this rule.

+ How does Urban Meyer feel about the new transfer rule?

+ We don’t need free transfers for everyone with no sitting out.

+ Urban Meyer doesn’t plan on changing their kickoff strategy.

+ Maybe this will still work out for the Buckeyes.

+ Which unit has the second-most leadership?

+ Parris Campbell is elite.

+ Buckeye fans are going to need to apologize to Parris Campbell this year.

+ Comparing Ted Ginn and Parris Campbell as juniors.

+ Recruiting talk!

+ Craig Young committed, let’s talk about him.

+ Is he Darron Lee 2.0?

+ Will 2019 QB Brian Maurer be the next Buckeye quarterback offer?

+ Would he jump on an offer?

+ Maurer’s stats are not reflective of his interest.

+ Neither was Troy Smith’ tho.

+ Let’s preview the Friday Night Lights visitors.

+ Five-star DE Zach Harrison is coming to town.

+ Could there be some commits this weekend?

+ Which receiver visitor reminds of us Ted Ginn?

+ Careful with the Ted Ginn comparisons, son.

+ Let’s talk 2020 quarterbacks.

+ Will Ohio State try to make 2020 QB Jack Miller jealous this weekend?

+ The Buckeyes need to get a commitment from a 2020 QB to avoid another 2019 situation.

+ Plus, a 2020 QB commit can lead the way in recruiting others.

+ OSU needs a standing scholarship offer at Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville.

+ What’s Friday Night Lights like for fans?

+ Listener Questions

+ Are six receivers three too many to play so much?

+ The receivers haven’t lived up to expectations?

+ Would fewer receivers playing help Dwayne Haskins’ develop quicker/better?

+ The rotation isn’t going anywhere, for a number of reasons.

+ There are more ways to build a rapport than just playing football with each other.

+ People need to recalibrate their expectations on the Ohio State receivers.

+ Who were the No. 3 and No. 4 receivers on Ohio State’s 1995 team?

+ The rotation will continue up front.

+ The drop in production/talent from Nick Bosa to his backup won’t stop the rotation.

+ Same with Dre’Mont Jones.

+ They have recruited well, so you’re going to see the fruits of the coaches’ labor.

+ Michigan isn’t as deep and you can see it at the end of the games.

+ Roster management talk.

+ Has Ohio State turned into an SEC program with the way the manage numbers?

+ How will the Buckeyes operate their offense with two RBs?

+ Tony Alford’s job isn’t to keep his players happy.

+ Mike Weber’s job is to make Tony Alford. Same for J.K. Dobbins.

+ There are carries available for Weber and Dobbins together.

+ How will Tony Alford decide who plays when?

+ Triple option is coming to town!

+ We’re gonna miss Kyle Morgan.

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