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Accost the Field — Zone 6 Fallout and B1G Media Days Aftermath

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the firing of Zach Smith and the likely hiring of Brian Hartline. Why did Smith have to go? What makes Hartline a good fit for the Buckeyes? The Big Ten Media Days is also discussed, particularly what was said by Urban Meyer, Parris Campbell, Isaiah Prince, and Dre’Mont Jones. There was a whole lot said, which is why there is a whole bunch to recap and talk about. [Note: This episode was recorded prior to the announced hiring of Brian Hartline as interim wide receivers coach.]

The Rundown

+ Banter.

+ We are back from vacation with a vengeance.

+ 2019 is the Year of Tom.

+ The firing of Zach Smith.

+ Urban Meyer didn’t keep Smith on his staff in 2009 because of a win-at-all-costs attitude.

+ Even with no convictions, Zach Smith had to go.

+ Is Meyer’s Zero Tolerance policy more like “Almost Zero Tolerance”?

+ Why was Zach Smith fired again?

+ 2019 WR Marcus Washington is now looking like a Mizzou lock after being an Ohio State lock.

+ What makes Brian Hartline a good fit for the Buckeyes?

+ Urban had nothing but glowing things to say about Hartline.

+ Meyer always has concerns about NFL players as coaches.

+ The question now is whether or not Hartline can recruit.

+ Hartline has testimony over theory.

+ What will it take for Tate Martell to win the quarterback job?

+ Must we continue coaching the Buckeyes for these brainless coaches?

+ Meyer has concerns about Martell getting injured, but if he’s one of the best players, he has to play.

+ The early good words on freshman QB Matthew Baldwin.

+ An update on Tuf Borland from Urban Meyer.

+ Will Borland be ready for TCU?

+ Is Michael Jordan moving to center?

+ When does camp kick off?

+ Good words on Jeremy Ruckert.

+ Breaking news: 2020 running back Darvon Hubbard has committed to Ohio State.

+ Thanks for nothing, Tom.

+ Some background on Hubbard while Tom does research.

+ Mark Pantoni’s recruiting tree.

+ Teams are trying to hire away Ryan Stamper (OSU Director of Player Development).

+ The impact of Real Life Wednesdays on the football team.

+ What kind of video game would Shannon be on the cover of?

+ The Marcus Hooker suspension — is it enough?

+ Meyer has high expectations for Dante Booker.

+ My apologies to Booker.

+ Could there be some issues among the linebackers if things don’t go well and players aren’t playing?

+ Meyer is confident in Dwayne Haskins’ ability to run the ball on short-yardage situations.

+ Dwayne Haskins as Charles Oakley.

+ What’s a good rush-to-pass ratio for Tate Martell?

+ The impact of Nick Bosa and Dre’Mont Jones lining up next to each other.

+ Nicholas Petit-Frere has already been impressing people.

+ Should Ohio State redshirt him this year?

+ Ohio State’s policy change on distributing painkillers to athletes.

+ Why this is important.

+ Talking about freshman WR Kamryn Babb, who tore his ACL.

+ Parris Campbell had high praise for Babb.

+ Campbell says Binjimen Victor is the most talented receiver on the team and is putting it all together.

+ What is the Team Up North Drill?

+ Isaiah Prince wasn’t comfortable at left tackle in the spring.

+ Prince is at right tackle barring any changes.

+ Ohio State fans drove Isaiah Prince away from social media and, as they no doubt intended to do, made him a better player.

+ Fans shouldn’t @ players. Talk bad about them all you want, they don’t need to be @’d.

+ Prince takes credit for landing Nicholas Petit-Frere.

+ Why being hosted on an official visit by John Simon would probably suck.

+ Listener questions.

+ The reaction of national media to the Zach Smith news at the Big Ten Media Days.

+ There are some apples and oranges when comparing players and coaches with any zero tolerance policy.

+ Which of Urban Meyer’s eight losses would you overturn if you could?

+ People mis-remember the 2015 offense an awful lot.

+ What was the bigger catch at Michigan: Gonzo in ’05 or Mack last year?

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