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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr touch on the latest developments around Urban Meyer and Zach Smith before moving full speed back into football. While there has been a media blackout during fall camp for the Buckeyes, there are still bits and pieces of information flowing out from the WHAC. The fellas also answer some pertinent Buckeye-related questions.

The Rundown

+ Ohio State is feeding us scraps and we are so sadly happy for it.

+ An update on the Urban Meyer investigation.

+ How much should a boss know about traffic incidents of his employees?

+ What impact does any of this have on Urban Meyer’s status.

+ Expect some changes in terms of protocols moving forward.

+ Zach Smith is going to ask for his job back, but it isn’t going to work.

+ When should we expect to hear something with finality.

+ Will the committee do the weekend news dump while the OSU beat is trying to drink?

+ Reading a 200-page .pdf halfway into a 12-pack is dirty pool.

+ Let’s hopefully welcome grad transfer Chris “Chugz” Chugunov!

+ What would the transfer mean for the Buckeyes?

+ A grad transfer quarterback was always thought to be a good idea, but OSU sure waited until the last minute.

+ What does this mean for walk-on fourth-string quarterback Kory “Beef” Curtis?

+ Chugz brings quarterback experience that nobody else on this Ohio State football team has.

+ All hail Instagram and Twitter.

+ The media blackout is still in full effect.

+ OSU is showing us what they want us to see, but we’re only seeing highlights and trailers.

+ As we’ve been saying for years, Tate Martell is more than just a runner.

+ Fall clips > Spring Game

+ Michael Jordan is getting reps at center, what does it mean?

+ Binjimen Victor may be the Instagram MVP this fall camp.

+ What we’re seeing from Victor is what his coaches and teammates have been telling us he is capable of doing.

+ Victor has changed his mindset.

+ We’ll get to ask teammates how good Victor was in camp probably after the Oregon State game.

+ If we can just talk to any OSU players — even Oregon State or Oklahoma State — we’ll do it.

+ Chris Olave surprisingly got his black stripe removed.

+ Surprisingly because we buy into recruiting rankings too much?

+ His high school highlights look like Devin Smith.

+ Chris Olave is going to play this year, right?

+ Brian Snead had his black stripe removed.

+ Has he passed Master Teague on the depth chart?

+ You would think this is going to push Master Teague.

+ Teradja Mitchell was the first non-early enrollee to have his black stripe removed.

+ “That boy loves to hit.”

+ Is there room for him on the defense this year?

+ Teradja Mitchell as Raekwon McMillan 2.0?

+ OSU should release more clips on social media so that Urban Meyer is able to follow what’s happening with his team.

+ Less artsy, more fartsy!

+ If Meyer does get reinstated, he is going to come into camp completely blind.

+ The teens want all-22 videos on the Gram.

+ Won’t somebody think of the children?

+ You can get crazy deals at Depth Charts and Beanies in the Short North.

+ Taron Vincent had his black stripe removed, but there are so many defensive tackles.

+ He’s not going to stick around for five years, so there’s no point in redshirting him.

+ Do you rank Parris Campbell ahead of Mike Weber on the OSU playmakers list?

+ The correlation of early black stripe removal and not redshirting.

+ Sports talk gimmick topics.

+ Which is more likely to happen — Urban Meyer wins B1G Coach of the Year or Dwayne Haskins wins the Heisman?

+ Which is more likely to happen — Mike Weber leads Ohio State in rushing, or Chase Young leads Ohio State in sacks.

+ Which is more likely to happen — Parris Campbell has 1,000 yards receiving or Ohio State goes 12-0 in the regular season.

+ It’s not outrageous to think Campbell could hit 1,000 yards.

+ If Dwayne Haskins can keep the passing game from dropping in November like they have in the past, now you’re talking.

+ There are gonna be enough blowouts this year that you’ll be able to see Beef and Chugz on the field this year.

+ Beef and Chugz is the perfect bar name.

+ Listener Questions.

+ “This is the magic that you are listening to.”

+ Will Jeremy Ruckert be the real deal?

+ Where is the love for Jashon Cornell?

+ When players talk about the defensive ends, they generally only mention a top three.

+ Will Binjimen Victor fight for the ball this year, and if he doesn’t, will Brian Hartline strip Victor of the No. 9?

+ People need to cut Victor some slack and pay attention to the production he had last season instead of being focused on a couple of drops.

+ If Jeremy Ruckert can’t block, he can’t play a lot.

+ Perhaps Ruckert can be a part of some two tight end sets.

+ Is it time to panic based on what we haven’t seen on Instagram.

+ Is 6-6 the best Ohio State can do this year?

+ Is Ryan Day in over his head?

+ Ben Victor and Austin Mack are well ahead of Michael Thomas at the same stage, but progress needs to continue.

+ Once Brent Musburger left college football, there is no reason to get upset about who airs The Game.

+ The Game is going to be on FOX for the foreseeable future, as it was last year.

+ Predictions on night games for the Buckeyes this year?

+ If the B1G makes the Maryland game a night game in the middle of November, somebody is going to pay.

+ What’s the best OSU non-conference loss/atmosphere/buildup of the last couple of decades?

+ Is this the most bizarre fall camp we’ve ever covered?

+ Yes, even more bizarre than when Reggie Germany and Ken-Yon Rambo were abducted by aliens in 1999.

+ Has the lack of access hurt the anticipation for the season?

+ Would opening up practices to the media provide a safety measure to keep coaches from creating a culture of intimidation as is being alleged at Maryland?

+ What Buckeyes are possibilities as national award winners?

+ Tom predicts this year’s Silver Football Award winner.

+ Robert Landers needs snaps on offense.

+ Robert Landers on the wheel route is what dreams are made of.

+ Fridays at 8:00, it’s ‘Beef and Chugz’, then at 10:00 Eastern a very special ‘Brown Thunder’…

+ Chugz better not ruin this for us.

+ Tom doesn’t want his Beef and Chugz wardrobe to go to waste.

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  2. I enjoy the podcast, but have a request/suggestion. While the back and forth banter is entertaining, I would appreciate less of that. Your podcast tends to go way over an hour each week, which is a lot to ask us to listen to. Could you tighten up the discussions some so that you could keep them under an hour?

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