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Accost the Field — Fall Camp is Underway

Accost the Field with Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr Ohio State Podcast Ohio State Football Buckeyes

In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk Ohio State football. Rather than spend another show discussing the off-the-field stuff, this show is focused on what is happening on the field for the Buckeyes now that camp is underway. Topics include takeaways from practice, how things look like business as usual, and who is standing out. Some prop bets for the 2018 season are discussed, and then a bunch of listener questions are answered.

The Rundown

+ Let’s talk football for a change.

+ Who impressed us at Hotel Check-In Day.

+ Who had the best shirts?

+ Why are offensive linemen wearing hoodies and sweatshirts when it’s this hot out?

+ Reminiscing about Duron Carter’s check-in day gear from nearly a decade ago.

+ Who caught our eye?

+ Nick Bosa is the first guy off the bus.

+ Nick Bosa has a precise head removal technique.

+ What did we get to see at practice at Tuesday?

+ You can learn a lot from watching men stretch.

+ Tuf Borland was moving around pretty good.

+ Are we now optimistic for Borland’s chances for the season opener?

+ Injury updates.

+ Practice was a little odd without Urban Meyer, but only if you were looking for him.

+ Tuesday was business as usual for the players and assistant coaches.

+ Practice is regimented and has been scripted for a while now.

+ A typical practice at Ohio State is a gigantic operation and everyone knows their respective jobs.

+ A lot is being made about Michael Jordan snapping the football at practice.

+ Freshman offensive tackle Nicholas Petite-Frere stands out no matter what he’s doing.

+ You can understand why Urban Meyer has already put NPF in the two-deep.

+ Dallas Gant got his black stripe removed.

+ Lamenting the social media requirements of being on the Ohio State beat.

+ Dallas Gant was not a surprise to be the second black stripe removed.

+ Is there room for playing time for Dallas Gant this year?

+ Let’s propose some prop bets to Tom.

+ More rushing touchdowns — J.K. Dobbins or the Ohio State quarterbacks?

+ More: K.J. Hill catches or Baron Browning tackles?

+ More yards from scrimmage: Parris Campbell or Mike Weber?

+ More: Chase Young sacks or Austin Mack touchdowns?

+ More: Secondary interceptions or Nick Bosa sacks?

+ More: Demario McCall touchdown returns or defensive line touchdowns?

+ Listener questions

+ Is anybody going to push Damon Arnette for a starting job?

+ Which player are we most excited to see in the season opener?

+ No more J.T. Barrett this year, so what’s the short-yardage security blanket for the Buckeyes moving forward?

+ How will Ohio State beat Michigan now that the Wolverines have a passing attack?

+ What is OSU’s win/loss record with and without Meyer this year?

+ What position are we most concerned about this season?

+ Where is Brendon White’s future on this Ohio State football team?

+ Who will start at center this year?

+ What changes should be expected from Ohio State’s kickoff strategy?

+ Why doesn’t Ohio State run the jet sweep more?

+ Does Michigan have a better defensive line than OSU?

+ Who will have a better season: Joe Burrow or Dwayne Haskins?

+ Please explain to people the difference between a reverse and an end around.

+ Who are the most underrated Buckeyes this year?

+ Black stripe removal predictions.

+ Parris Campbell is going to blowup this year, right?

+ What kind of impact will Brian Hartline have on Ohio State’s receiver rotation?

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