Ohio State Football Notebook: ‘Everybody was talking bad about me’

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Film Don’t Lie

Last season as a redshirt sophomore, defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones was generally pulled off the field on passing downs. Replacing him was one of four Ohio State defensive ends, affectionately known as ‘The Rushmen.’

One of the reasons Jones decided to return for a fourth season at OSU was because he wanted to be one of those Rushmen this year. He wanted to show his own abilities to rush the passer.

Everything went well this summer and Jones has solidified his spot on passing downs, to no surprise of senior offensive tackle Isaiah Prince.

“Dre’Mont, as big as he is, you wouldn’t expect him to be so quick,” Prince said. “He has one of the best get-offs on our defensive line. Dre’Mont beats the cadence sometimes. It’s like ‘That was offside,’ but then you go back and watch the film and it wasn’t offsides. Dre’Mont is extremely athletic. With somebody that big, you don’t expect them to be that athletic and strong at the same time.”

Turning the Page

It’s impossible to talk to Isaiah Prince for too long without his struggles as a first-year starter in 2016 coming up.

While Prince had his good moments, the rough outings against Penn State and Michigan are impossible for some to ignore.

Rather than ignore it, however, Prince has used those games as motivation.

“After the Penn State and Michigan game, I gave up two sacks at crucial points in those games,” he said. “That was a really low point for me. All of the criticism. Everybody was talking bad about me. I was being criticized on my job, something that I want to do for a living.

“It was hard for me, but I had the support of my brothers around me, my coaches, my family, and I think that ultimately helped bring me out of my slump.”

Prince gave up social media for a while due to all of the criticism and vitriol he was receiving from Ohio State fans.

“I actually had a fake fan page about me,” he said. “‘Isaiah Prince Sucks.’ I was like, ‘Jeez. That’s pretty cruel.’ I’m just a kid just learning. It was my first year starting. I was a sophomore. I was just learning as I go along.”

The Young Ruck

There are a number of talented freshmen on this year’s Ohio State football team.

One of them is 5-star tight end Jeremy Ruckert out of Lindenhurst, New York. On signing day, Urban Meyer had high praise for Ruckert.

“I’m looking at one of the — I do this quite often — it’s not fair to the young people, but I think Jeremy Ruckert might be the best tight end prospect that I’ve ever seen and recruited,” he said. “His skill set is ridiculous. Now it’s a question of getting him ready to play.”

In seeing him during summer workouts, senior H-back Parris Campbell understood Meyer’s excitement for what Ruckert could bring to the Ohio State offense.

“I’ve seen him running routes and catching and stuff like that,” Campbell said. “Obviously he has to do more than that as a tight end in our offense. He’s definitely one of those elusive tight ends. The kid has massive hands. He has great hands.

“One day he was actually out there catching one-hand passes like it was nothing. He was having people stand behind him and putting his hand in front of their face and just catching one handed. It was crazy. I think he’s a guy that can contribute for sure.”

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  1. timothy, what’s your problem with Coach Meyer? He didn’t do anything wrong and will back on the sidelines soon.

  2. It’s good to see all the reporting on real Buckeye news from the fall camp workups. However, the elephant in the room is when are we going to get the head coach back?

  3. Great for you and the team. Keep working hard. Hope Meyer never makes it back to the team.

  4. some fans can be real idiots–I’m very happy to see Prince using a low point to turn it into something good for the team and himself.

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