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Accost the Field — When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play

Accost the Field with Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr Ohio State Podcast Ohio State Football Buckeyes

In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr look back a bit on Ohio State’s 77-31 win over Oregon State. What went right, what went wrong, and whose fault is it? Dwayne Haskins only ran the ball twice — will that change when Urban Meyer returns? Tom and Tony talked to players Tuesday night following Meyer’s first practice back from suspension. What did they have to say? Also, plenty of listener questions. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ Banter.

+ Go listen to our postgame podcast.

+ The Not-So-Super Sophs.

+ The 2014 team relied on a bunch of second-year players.

+ Can the 2018 team grow like the 2014 team?

+ The 2014 team had more 2002-like games than you may remember.

+ An AP voter had OSU No. 25 this week.

+ Tuf Borland’s pitch count should grow.

+ Jordan Fuller should be back.

+ Inside baseball.

+ Running down the true freshmen who played.

+ Should Blake Haubeil be redshirted if teams aren’t going to return kickoffs?

+ What we liked.

+ Dwayne Haskins was okay.

+ The offensive line looked pretty darn good.

+ How about those third downs?

+ Third and short was almost perfect without J.T. Barrett.

+ The worst thing we saw.

+ Baron Browning and the safeties will get better.

+ Dwayne Haskins had issues when he was pressured, so there is still some mystery moving forward.

+ Will Rutgers try to pressure him more or will they be too terrified of what happens if he completes the passes?

+ Two rushes for Dwayne Haskins ties the low for a starting QB under Urban Meyer at OSU.

+ Will the two rushes by the fewest for Haskins this year?

+ Did you know Dwayne Haskins and Austin Mack are roommates?

+ The unselfish wide receivers and the example set by Evan Spencer.

+ Terry McLaurin and Parris Campbell were leaders early on.

+ Practice with Urban Meyer on Tuesday was no big deal, y’all.

+ Mike Weber’s decision to stay and the talk he had with Urban Meyer in the winter.

+ If an OSU RB carries the ball 20 times, they are having a big day.

+ O/U 3.5 passing TDs for Dwayne Haskins.

+ Will Haskins break J.T. Barrett’s TD pass record this year?

+ Will Haskins break Joe Germaine’s single-season passing  yardage record this year?

+ Will Haskins break the single-game passing yardage record this year?

+ Tony knows Rutgers, which is within a day’s drive from New York City.

+ Let’s break Rutgers down.

+ Art Sitkowski is going to be in for a tough one.

+ Let’s spend some time talking about the Michigan Wolverines.

+ Listener questions.

+ Has the coaching staff taking advantage of anything in Urban Meyer’s absense?

+ Will the receiver rotation stay like this or will they move to a more focused attack?

+ Which was more of a surprise: the 77 points or the 31 points?

+ Is Bill Davis the new Jim Bollman?

+ This kind of thing never happens to Bama or Clemson.

+ Who wins more games next year, Matt Campbell at Michigan or Tom Herman at Iowa State?

+ What’s the deal with the linebackers? The recruiting has been great, but the production hasn’t.

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  1. You’re right about the polls. The CFB committee has rendered them meaningless. The real ratings won’t be out until what? Week 6 or 7?
    Matter of fact, I think #4 is too high right now. In 2002, we were 12 & 13 respectively. In 2014, well, forget about it.

    Really excited about the season!

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