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The Buckeye SloopCast: S4E10 — The Dwayne Train

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In this episode of The Buckeye SloopCast, Jared and Kyle take a trip back to Dallas and revisit Saturday’s big win over TCU. As is happening in NFL circles, the fellas talk about Dwayne Haskins and just how dang good he is. The receivers are discussed, particularly Austin Mack. The stellar play of J.K. Dobbins is talked about as well. It’s just just all positives, however. Some of the problems are discussed, as are possible solutions. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

Weather updates… but important this time

Is Haskins NFL ready?

Our thoughts on Austin Mack, and the choice to keep targeting him

Who are the best WRs on this team?

Return of JKD

Haskins vs Braxton vs JTB

Issues in the red zone and on third down… concerned?

Linebackers still need some work, but are they improving?

Best DLine in the country… fight me.

Ryan Day is star, but let’s chill. This is Urban’s team.

Just enjoy Day & Haskins while you’ve got them.

What can #OhioState do to stop these big plays?

Mike Jordan… are the low snaps a big deal moving forward?

Props to TCU

Stats don’t tell the Joe Burrow story

Death to divisions

Our thoughts on Urban’s sit down with Tom Rinaldi

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  1. Linebackers still need work – I’m wondering why Hilliard isn’t getting any love? He seems to be so much better technique wise (small sample size) than Browning – who appears to be running into piles and not the Back

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