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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the current state of Ohio State football coming out of a bye week. What have the coaches and players said about where they have improved? Do we buy it? Does it matter? Nebraska is discussed and the fellas wonder if the Huskers can do what Purdue did. All of this and more, plus plenty of listener questions.

The Rundown

+ Banter about banter.

+ Don’t sweat the CFP poll right now.

+ Ohio State opens 10th in the initial poll.

+ The missed tackles have been fixed, and so have the big plays.

+ Fixing the tackling doesn’t mean the home runs are going away.

+ The offense is also going to be better according to Urban Meyer.

+ The attitude has been adjusted.

+ The running backs could help themselves more, right?

+ Is this the softest Ohio State program we’ve seen?

+ Ohio State is an offensive line-driven program, which might be the problem right now.

+ The Buckeyes are still very much in the playoff picture.

+ Win out and they’re in.

+ The committee has yet to leave out a 1-loss team that wins a conference championship game.

+ Yes, there are scenarios where OSU gets left out.

+ Let’s go over some Notre Dame scenarios.

+ When might expansion become bad?

+ Breaking down Nebraska.

+ It’s impossible to expect a blowout for the Buckeyes anymore.

+ The Huskers have a lot of pieces that pose problems for the Ohio State defense.

+ Nebraska got hope from the Purdue game.

+ These words of Ohio State letting doubt creep into their minds has to come from Scott Frost.

+ What will the Buckeyes be thinking if the fixes don’t work?

+ Urban Meyer’s pregnant pause when asked about Michael Jordan.

+ Even moving Jordan to guard doesn’t necessarily fix the problem.

+ Listener Questions

+ Do we believe that Urban Meyer can’t make major schematic changes during the season?

+ Which three OSU losses affected us most.

+ Should OSU go to the wildcat in the red zone?

+ Over/under on carries for Master Teague this week.

+ If Joe Burrow takes down Bama, will Buckeye Nation explode or implode?

+ Is playing an aggressive style of defense worth it anymore?

+ Can the problems in the running game go back to the offensive line having so many projected tackles with long arms on it?

+ Why are Buckeye fans so negative?

+ Which came first, missed tackles or poor alignment.

+ Is the local media coverage of the Buckeyes and Urban Meyer fair?

+ What are the first changes on offense and defense that we expect to see.

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[Accost the Field is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]

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  1. I’m as big of a Joe Burrow fan as there is, but IF LSU can pull off the stunner it will be because their defense rose to the occasion similar to 2011. Jeaux probably can’t be the hero because he doesn’t have the playmakers around him.

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