Players and Coordinator Greg Schiano React to Nick Bosa’s Departure from Ohio State

Nick Bosa Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Nick Bosa’s career as an Ohio State Buckeye is over. He will withdraw from the university to focus on his rehabilitation in preparation for the NFL Combine, OSU’s pro day, and the NFL Draft.

His departure leaves the Buckeyes without an important piece of their team and arguably the best player in college football.

But the reactions to his decision have been nothing but positive.

Former and current Ohio State players immediately reacted on Twitter, but several teammates also responded to questions from the media on Tuesday night, as did defensive coordinator Greg Schiano.

Bosa received nothing but support from those who played alongside him this season.

Jordan Fuller

“Man that’s my brother. He’s our captain,” junior safety Jordan Fuller said.  “He just made the best decision for him and I’m proud of him for making that. I know it’s definitely not easy, but he’s definitely gotta be selfish in a way in this moment. But that’s still our bother and our captain and I’m happy for him.”

Fuller said that there was more person to person talk between the players about Bosa, and there was no team-wide discussion. Fuller said they found out that he was leaving by talking among each other.

“Obviously he has a lot of football left in his career, so yeah, he made the best decision for him and I’m happy for him. I sent him a text today too.

“When you talk about generational wealth and being a top draft pick, anything you can do to keep that solidified, you’ve got to take care of. I think he made the best decision for him.”

Fuller said that not much changes because their approach is week to week, and they haven’t had Bosa for a few weeks now, so they haven’t really thought ahead.

Binjimen Victor

Greg Schiano

Defensive coordinator Greg Schiano said that he was not involved in the discussions with Bosa and his family. But he knows that this is nothing new in the world of sports.

“There’s decisions that are made,” he said. “Everyone has to make decisions that are the best decisions for them. I don’t think that it’s anything new, we’ve seen it happen in the last few years and it won’t be the last time we see it happen. But Nick is… I love him. I loved coaching him. Fantastic player, one of the best  I’ve ever coached. He’s gonna heal up and he’s gonna be a great player at the next level.”

He said Bosa will be missed and this is tough for everybody including Nick.

“You lose a player of Nick’s ability… there’s not even anyone else like him,” Schiano said.

He thinks his team has adjusted well because the phrase he uses is “next man up.” He knows the nature of athletics is to play with who he has to work with.

Schiano said there was certainly no memorial or anything with the guys on Tuesday. They came out to practice as normal. But Schiano said he expects it to be a bit more emotional between them when they talk with Bosa personally.

Dre’Mont Jones

Dwayne Haskins

Sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins said that he was not surprised by Bosa’s decision to leave.

“We prepared for Nick not coming back but I’m excited for him and his decision and I wish him the best of luck.”

K.J. Hill

Junior H-back K.J. Hill didn’t think that this news was coming and he has not had a chance to talk to Bosa yet.

“I feel like he made the best decision for him and his family,” Hill said. “We support him either way. We love him like a brother and good luck to him.”

But now for the team, they have to move forward despite losing a player of Bosa’s caliber.

“We know that we’re all bothers,” Hill said. “I know that he made the best decision for him, so he did that and we congratulated him and good luck in the draft, and we’re headed to Purdue.”

Bosa even made his own post about his departure from Ohio State on Instagram on Tuesday.

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Too early of a goodbye, but thank you #buckeyenation

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  1. are an idiot or…your one of the fools who just likes to stir up controversy! Who would not advise their child to do what is in their best interest to be successful in life. To ensure they create the best opportunity possible for themselves. Ron…I’m pretty certain you have no children…or if you do…clearly none of them are an elite athlete. I’m going to guess if you were a parent your advice would be…”you’re the Captain son….it might cost you millions of dollars, but you need to fight to get healthy…and play one more game for the Buckeyes… because Chase Young is horrible and can’t take your place! You should not take the required time it takes to heal your injury. You would be much better off playing through the pain…having your numbers suffer, and lower your draft stock!”

    Damn it…I swore I would never reply to these morons that post stupid ass comments like Ron posted…and here I am… Ron…you suck!

  2. Captain? What a joke! The team! The team! The team! All these players care about is the nfl! College football is turning into college basketball!

  3. Yeah like you would do the same Ron if you were in his shoes. If you had a son, I bet you would advise him to do the exact same thing if he had an injury like Bosa. Ron you are truly a clown.

  4. Isn’t a captain supposed to remain with the ship to do all that is possible to insure it doesn’t sink?

    At least it’ll be warm in San Diego.

    So long, Captain Nick.

    1. “Clown?” Because I would tell my son that if he truly believed the “brotherhood” he espoused and was a part of, that as a captain of that brotherhood his allegiance should be to the team? If that is a clown, I would rather be one than a ringmaster. It is not as if he would lose any draft status if he were with his “brothers” each Saturday on the sidelines in encouragement. His rehabbing would not suffer at OSU, with one of the finest sports medical facilities in America.
      Look, I understand the Bosa family decision. I applaud Nick’s dedication to his craft and his malleability to the coaching of Larry Johnson, Greg Shiano and Urban Meyer. I merely offer an alternative to abandoning a foundering ship by a stalwart captain – without name-calling.

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