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The Sons of Schmidt: S3E6 — Peyton Mann…err…Ramsey

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The moment you base your entire week around is here, The Sons of Schmidt is back!

This week, Brandon and Mike start by describing how they and the Buckeyes managed to survive the White Out conditions of Happy Valley and break down the 27-26 Ohio State win.

There were more than a few things to be upset about and you know the Sons talk about that. But really, this weekend provided a lot to be very pleased with too. The guys dig into this and talk about how this sets the Buckeyes up to continue their Big Ten and National Championship pursuits.

After the break, you get a look at Indiana and how the Buckeyes are going to match up with the Hoosiers. Spoiler Alert: IU is good, but nowhere near as talented or deep at Ohio State. The Silver Bullets will have their hands full with Payton Manning…we mean Peyton Ramsey. And there is even a Mike Hart mention!

The show wraps up with the Son of a Schmidt! and this week’s Schmidt Picks. We know both rants this week will get some people fired up, and welcome your take! Thanks for listening, bring on IU!

Go Bucks!

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Thanks for listening!

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  1. I have to agree about the gametime ‘crowd’ on the forum. It sucks because as an out of state fan I like to feel like I’m with OSU fans so I enjoy the banter. But it can be SO negative it’s really not worth it. I got a timeout this week..first in over a decade and I’m not even sure why. Probably because I was asking people to knock off the nonsense. I don’t even know what can be done about it. ANd many aren’t even on during the rest of the year.

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