Buckeye Players, Common Sense, Human Decency Refute McMurphy Story of Racism Inside OSU

Trevon Grimes Check In Ohio State

Tuesday morning, Stadium Network college football reporter Brett McMurphy released a story alleging that former Ohio State receivers coach Zach Smith had an altercation September of 2017 with then-OSU freshman receiver Trevon Grimes in which Smith directed a racial slur at Grimes.

The story was actually about searching for “the truth” surrounding Trevon Grimes’ subsequent transfer to Florida, but the racism — and a mention of Urban Meyer before any other names — was the hook that McMurphy used to tweet the story out.

There are plenty of researched details in the story, which I will not link here because of how vehemently it is being denied by those who witnessed the “altercation.”

Most everything is also contradicted in the story, however, which is why the story isn’t presented as fact, but rather McMurphy’s “attempt to find the real story” behind the super-rare occurrence of why a college athlete would decide to transfer to another school.

By presenting it as his search for the truth, there is no need to print the actual truth. After all, McMurphy is just relaying what he has been told, mostly by Grimes’ estranged father, despite the fact that McMurphy has been told by the University of Florida not to believe anything that Grimes’ father is attempting to tell him.

But since the story is only about the search for the truth and not the actual truth, it’s okay to just print anything and then sit back and watch those clicks come in.

The gist of the story is essentially that Urban Meyer allowed Grimes to transfer and be eligible immediately at Florida as long as Grimes didn’t let it get out that OSU was covering up its penchant for racist incidents.

Or at least that’s the story of my search for the gist of the story.

The main source of McMurphy’s story is not Trevon Grimes or his mother, but his father.

Ohio State investigated the matter per McMurphy, and their search for the truth found no corroboration of McMurphy’s claims.

After the story was posted, several Buckeyes responded via Twitter, especially those who were there to witness what actually happened.

Perhaps people will read the story and take it as gospel, which may be the intent. But this is not a story about facts, it’s a story about looking for facts and printing whatever feels right.

This isn’t so much an exposé as it is a choose-your-own-adventure.

“If you would like to believe Grimes’ father, turn to page 47. If you think he’s lying, turn to page 29.”

It’s an easy way to print a story that has been worked on for months but didn’t have the facts to be treated as anything other than a story about a story.

That’s not reporting so much as it is storytelling. And there’s nothing wrong with storytelling, just make sure people know that you’re not trying to pass it off as fact.

Unless you are trying to pass it off as fact, of course.

In which case the search for the truth really only exposes yourself.

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  1. Get your facts straight. Trump only averages around 7 lies a day. McMurphy on the other hand …

  2. I really hope that something can be done about this. Haphazardly calling someone a racist, and insinuating that someone else tried to cover it up, is recklessness at it’s finest.

  3. Campbell,Dixon and Mack were there. McMurphy was not there. I will take their word over McMurphy’s.

  4. Charlatans like McMurphy know that for public figures, it’s usually more damaging for them to sue for libel and the negative publicity that would come out of it. But it’s a pity that “journalistic” quacks like him are able to write and publish whatever they want, without any verification, just to get sensationalized attention.
    The time-honored journalistic principles of fairness, balance, objectivity – and truth – are virtually non-existent these days. We the public, whom the so-called “fourth estate” was supposed to protect, are the worse for it.

  5. And you wonder why Trump is constantly screaming about fake news. Its because of garbage “journalists” like this clown McMurphy. He must be related to Finebaum given his desire to keep coming after Urban. Obviously McMurphy is a washed up hack who will do or say anything to keep his name in the news.

    1. You’re really gonna bring up politics in an article on college football? And you’re going to use the man who has told an AVERAGE of 60+ lies PER DAY since his inauguration?
      I’m not a Dem or a Repub but if you’re drinkin’ that Kool-Aid I got nothin’ for ya.

      1. “Average of 60+ lies per day”… MORE FAKE NEWS!!!

      2. Then why dont you shut your mouth about politics. And tell us what the 60 lies a day are.

        1. Got to love it when someone tells you to shut your mouth about a topic, then asks you to talk about the topic more.

          Also, anyone who needs to ask what the 60 lies a day are (if that’s even the number)… is also probably someone who isn’t going to listen when you start to explain to them what the lies are… So maybe you should be the one shutting your mouth.

          Just a thought.

      3. The point I was trying to make has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with journalists reporting stories that they have not properly researched or cannot prove for the sake of sensationalism. This is fake news. Trump is not the first person to have this issue with the media. I was simply quoting him. For someone who claims to be non political you sure went there pretty quickly. And dont worry you dont have anything I want or need.

        1. Tim I wouldn’t pay that guy too much attention. Any time someone says they aren’t a Dem/Lib and then immediately follow that up by spewing regurgitated lib talking points, you pretty much know you’re dealing with a political hack.

          Your point is well taken…no journaltic integrity or reliability in McMurphy’s work.

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