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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Everybody Say ‘Thank You Michigan’

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr revisit the Michigan game and wonder why the Wolverines were so darn helpful. They also have a discussion about Urban Meyer’s future. The show eventually gets to Northwestern and the B1G Championship Game before closing with listener questions.

The Rundown

+ The over/under on Michigan game rewatches.

+ The Michigan radio call of the highlights is a popular thing.

+ We pretty much predicted Ohio State’s blowout win.

+ One more touchdown would have been nice.

+ OSU took a knee, which may drive Michigan crazy.

+ Michigan’s offense did the Buckeyes a huge favor.

+ The Wolverines had success where other teams had success, but didn’t go that route nearly enough.

+ Michigan limited their offensive explosiveness willingly. Willingly!

+ Michigan fans believed in Jim Harbaugh, but were also worried he would get tight.

+ So now what for Michigan?

+ Dwayne Haskins is just better than anybody else at OSU ever.

+ If you give him time, you may as well help him stab you in the heart.

+ The offensive line exceeded every expectation.

+ The annual metamorphosis of Michigan fans turning into Notre Dame fans.

+ Ohio State cares too much about such a silly sport, not like Michigan who keeps perspective on things.

+ The best thing we saw.

+ Some other great things besides the offensive line.

+ Chris Olave is the real deal, real quick.

+ The inside scoop on the punt block call.

+ The worst thing we saw.

+ Malcolm Pridgeon’s violent, violent shove could have killed somebody!

+ The penalties are still bad.

+ Greg Schiano said OSU is committing pass interference and they don’t need to, which is frustrating.

+ Urban Meyer dodging the question about his future.

+ He doesn’t need to deflect the question if the answer is that he is returning.

+ Let’s talk Northwestern.

+ Explaining to Michigan fans what a Big Ten Championship Game is.

+ Not ALL winners of the Big Ten East get to play in the game.

+ What does ‘tiebreaker’ mean?

+ Blowing Michigan fans’ minds by describing a stadium with more than two exits.

+ There’s no need to explain the playoffs to Michigan fans.

+ Do not rate or review the show if you are a Michigan fan.

+ Breaking down Northwestern.

+ This is a team that has been just good enough.

+ Northwestern reminds OSU of Iowa.

+ Uh oh?

+ Let’s talk the College Football Playoffs.

+ ESPN is talking about Georgia losing and still remaining in the playoffs.

+ Oklahoma is on the inside looking out.

+ OSU can’t win a game like they did against Wisconsin last year.

+ If the Buckeyes just hadn’t collapsed at the end of the Purdue game.

+ Listener Questions.

+ Why is Urban Meyer pushing the Tate Martell packages?

+ Shouldn’t Ohio State be ahead of Notre Dame with a more convincing victory over Northwestern.

+ How much of the improved LB play was not being so close to the line versus UM not having speed guys like Purdue, Maryland and Nebraska?

+ Is a Michigan-like performance more likely than OSU’s typical B1G performances this season?

+ How big will the loss of Demetrius Knox be?

+ Is Northwestern a bad matchup for Ohio State?

+ Congratulating Jim Harbaugh on his first ever share of a conference division title.

+ What kind of margin of victory will OSU need compared to Oklahoma’s margin of victory?

+ Is Tate Martell more likely to throw the ball or is OSU more likely to hold NU under 20 points.

+ Is it time to give the backup cornerbacks a shot?

+ Who is redshirting this year and who has played?

+ Has Brown Thunder jumped the shark? [Hint: No, it has not jumped the shark, you monster!]

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