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Jim Harbaugh: ‘Make Darn Sure It Doesn’t Happen Again’

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh is never the most cordial college football coach, especially after a loss.

Following the Buckeyes’ 62-39 romp over his favored Wolverines, that was particularly true.

Two years ago, Harbaugh was so angry about the officials’ spot on a 4th-and-1 play that he got fined by the Big Ten for his comments.

Saturday, he just looked lost, as if the beatdown had left him without any possible answers.

A reporter asked how much responsibility Harbaugh would personally take for the loss.

“Well, when things go good, things go great, good. If it doesn’t, you take responsibility for it,” he said.

Harbaugh credited the Buckeyes for dominating in all three phases of the game.

“Well, they played great. Their third quarter, especially, a lot of speed plays that got out on the perimeter on got loose,” Harbaugh said. “Also set them up in good field position with a couple turnovers and of course the blocked punt contributed to the score as well.”

“They threw the ball downfield well. They threw the crossing routes, the slant routes extremely well. And ran the ball good. So, they did a great job,” he said.

To Harbaugh the issue wasn’t that his team came in overconfident after watching the Buckeyes stumble through a 52-51 overtime win at Maryland the week before.

“No” was the extent of that answer.

All season, Buckeye fans have talked about how opposing teams never say they were surprised at what OSU tried to do on offense. And while Harbaugh didn’t say that exactly, he was very complimentary of the play-calling and execution.

“They had several successful plays, no question about it. Especially, they got some real speed plays. Crossing routes hurt. Threw the ball downfield well. They did a nice job throwing and catching those. I thought their protection was really good. We didn’t get the pressure on the quarterback that we wanted to,” he said.

Harbaugh steered around questions about whether or not his team had gotten stronger physically, as they had set out to do after last year’s loss to OSU. He said he was happy with his coaching staff, despite the blowout.

He was asked to reflect back to the near-miss in 2016, compared to the 62-39 shellacking he took on Saturday. Harbaugh said there wasn’t much difference in how he felt after those games.

“Same. Just motivated to come back and make darn sure it doesn’t happen again. Win our next game. That’s our motivation.”

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  1. I thought he was making sure the last three years never happened again. Whoops!

  2. What I saw was not much different than what we saw when Meyer coached Florida against us in the NC game. Tons of crossing routes.Harrison was lights out at middle linebacker, and relentless pressure. The difference being Haskins can and did throw deep, unlike Leak and Tebow. Much of the SEC and Big 10 have adjusted to Meyer’s style. Harbaugh seems stuck in a time warp. He seriously needs speed at the corners. And I’m not sure how anyone defends those less than three second drops with he wide outs we have. Especially when if you sell out sort, you’re going to get beat deep. We just wish the team would have gotten here sooner, like before Purdue. I wonder how much time was spend in practice this week working on linebacker patience and waiting back and spying the hole. The line backers and safeties for the most part plugged their gaps.

    This is a function of Urban Meyer coached teams. Give them a lot and hope they get it before the end of the year. The un-expected losses are the price of waiting for the guys to figure out on the field. what gets drawn up on the board.

    Next game proves whether por not that’s the case or if they just outrageous Michigan. Giving up 39 points to Michiganwho only scored 20 against Northwestern. And their points per game was 37. We actually gave up more points than their season average, Blame it on the dropped punt.

  3. 7 million plus gets you Jim Harbaugh….Jim’s agent should get a pat on the back…UM AD should get fired

  4. OK, you tricked me with the title of the article and the photo. Thought for sure it was JH coaching up the ref. And, I had to read the whole article before admitting you got me. Good job!

  5. 69-32? Maryland went to overtime? Clean that up.

  6. If JH was on top of things, he would realize that his well oiled 1980-90’s power football no longer works. He was outclassed in every phase of the game, this wasn’t due to long methodical drives, but his D got gashed and his O was mediocre at best. His Dbs had to foul to keep TDs from happening our DBs fouled due to poor execution and foolish mistakes. JH ran a well oiled Oldsmobile the entire year and OSU’s Porsche had transmission problems that was finally fixed and guess who won and how! JH needs to rethink if he wishes to ascend with the Clemsons, Alabama’s, OK and OSU of the CFB world.

    1. Exactly. His ego wrote a check his team couldn’t cash. He had the game plan on film on how to beat us, but had to do it his way…… thank goodness. Hope he stays at SCum for another 10 years.

  7. Well, I see it this way. A great win for us. Totally unexpected and I appreciate the teams efforts and the coaching that went behind it. However, lets examine this “revenge tour ” thing TTUN was on. Most importantly, the B10 is not that great of a conference this year. We just barely escaped wins over PSU and Maryland. We were embarrassed by Purdue. TCU turned out to be overrated as well. Michigan saw the same thing. They beat the teams that beat them last year. PSU and Wisconsin, middle of the road teams, MSU is horrible. They saw this as them being great, unbeatable, and that with this greatness, they were out for revenge. Well, they got in most games. Because the competition was not that good. This propelled TTUN to a #4 ranking. Then they come to Columbus with revenge on their minds. The Bucks are an offensive nightmare for most teams. They found that out in a hurry. The defense is still simply average. We simply matched up well to what their offense was doing. I do want to acknowledge the great effort the defense put into yesterdays game. Take out all of the PI penalties and it was great. So, the revenge tour went down in flames. They should shave Winovich’s head for punishment for thinking him team was just that great. The reality is everyone was just average or worse. Because the B10 is just average with the exception of our offense, DL and punter. Just my two cents. Who am I? A die hard fan who is a realist. I tell it as I see it. Early departures to the NFL, Bosa leaving and other injuries left the cupboard a little bare. I realize that. UM’s reluctance to make changes in scheme and personnel were and may still be problems. I support the Bucks going forward wherever they end up playing.

  8. Maybe a little to much “revenge” and not enough “football” ?
    Maybe just arrogance !

    1. I’ll argue that the Big Ten is as average as every other conference. The PAC 12? A few very good teams, some good teams and some not so good teams. Big 12? Oklahoma. The SEC? They are riding on Alabama’s coattails. The Big Ten (sorry, the B1G) is as good as any other Power Five conference. Last season the B1G teams went, what? 7-1 in bowl games? How did the SEC do? Or the PAC 12? In the past 5-6 years the B1G has improved greatly, with better coaches, and ranks up there with any conference, even the vaunted SEC. BUT, it’s always fun to be the nattering nabob of negativity. There. That shows you how old I am, I was flying a gunship in Vietnam when the guy who said that was Vice President. ANYWAY, thanks for the negativity. I enjoy reading it.

      1. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. Thank you for your service.

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