Dwayne Haskins Headed To New York As A Heisman Finalist

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He has put together one of the greatest individual seasons in Ohio State football history, and now Dwayne Haskins is a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.

The Heisman Trust announced Monday evening that Haskins, Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, and Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray were the three finalists for the 2018 award.

The Heisman Trophy presentation will air on ESPN at 8 pm Eastern, this Saturday, December 8.

Haskins is the first Buckeye named a finalist since Troy Smith in 2006.

Smith won the award over Arkansas running back Darren McFadden and Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn, and still holds the record for the highest percentage of possible points on a Heisman ballot.

Haskins has rewritten both the Ohio State and Big Ten record books this season.

He threw for 499 yards and five touchdowns in the Big Ten DChampionship Game win over Northwestern. Both set Championship Game records.

He also celebrated a touchdown late in the game by striking the iconic Heisman pose.

The passing total on Saturday also broke Haskins’ own OSU single-game record, which had stood at 470 in the loss at Purdue.

He also broke the Big Ten’s single-season record for total offense (4,702), surpassing Michigan’s Denard Robinson (4,272) early in the game.

Haskins already holds the conference records for passing yards (4,580) and passing touchdowns (47) in a season.

He already owns basically every single-game and single-season passing record in Ohio State history.

The Heisman will be awarded on Saturday night in New York City.

If he wins the award, Haskins would join Les Horvath, Vic Janowicz, Hopalong Cassady, Archie Griffin, Eddie George, and Troy Smith as Buckeyes who have taken home the Heisman.

He would also become the fifth player to wear No. 7 and win. The others:

John Huarte, QB, Notre Dame, 1964
Pat Sullivan, QB, Auburn, 1971
Danny Wuerffel, QB, Florida, 1996
Eric Crouch, QB, Nebraska, 2001

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  1. Definition of abomination: the treatment of Dwayne Haskins Heisman nomination. And it begins with Urban Meyer’s ” he deserves to be in New York.” A fucking trip to New York. I can’t imagine a more half hearted endorsement from a coach who curt attitude towards the press cost him so much grief. Haskins is too big for the pinched souls that sit in judgement of him. But his real rewards will come over the course of his career and he will look back on this as not on him. And it really wasn’t. I have followed college football for over sixty five years and I have never seen a better quarterback! Period!

  2. Congratulations to Dwayne Haskins. In contrast to Kyler Murray, Dwayne put up his stats against several real defenses, including the number 1 overall defense. Oh yeah, he destroyed the number 1 defense. Tua has had a great season as well, but it was shown in the SEC championship game that Alabama doesn’t need him to win. As much as I love Tate, I don’t think OSU is sitting at 12-1 without Dwayne. Mr. Haskins should win overwhelmingly. But he won’t. The Heisman has become as big a joke as the rest of college football. As a lifelong, diehard fan of college football and a lifelong fan of The Buckeyes, I never thought I would see the day when I wasn’t excited about every Autumn Saturday. But the day has arrived. I still watch every play of every Buckeye game. But beyond that I haven’t watched a full game of any other team this year. I don’t know where college football went, but I miss it.

  3. Congrats to D Haskins…he was exciting to watch. Every time he dropped back to pass, the adrenaline pumped in anticipation of what incredible pass he was going to make, and to who. If he is one and done, i am thankful to have watched this GREAT Buckeye QB.. I believe with his numbers, he is a clear cut winner of the Heisman…but unfortunately the OHIO STATE bias won’t allow it….but we ALL know he is the best college football player in the country..

  4. I think Kyler Murray will win from Oklahoma and Haskins will be 2nd. Alabama QB will be 3rd since he got hurt against Georgia. There was talk on a radio talk show today asking if Dwayne will skip the Rose Bowl and let Tate Martell play. I hope he will play whether or not he turns pro. The Rose Bowl is a damn good bowl to play in and a chance to get another ring to go along with the B1G championship ring.

  5. Sorry to say it but the fix is in! College Football Live today, Pollack and McElroy did 10 min. on the Heisman; one salivated on Tua, the other on Murray. Both have Heisman votes. Haskins name was never mentioned!

  6. The real shame is that we will only get 1 year of Haskins. He should have been given the opportunity to play last year, but loyalty and seniority kept him on the bench notwithstanding J.T.’s poor play (think Iowa, think B1G Championship). Haskins definitely should turn pro.

  7. There was exactly 1 College player better than Dwayne Haskins. Unfortunately Nick Bosa only played in 3 games. That leaves Dwayne at the top.

  8. Congrats to Dwyane! At least he made it to the presentation. His year has been every bit as good or better (!!) than the other 2. Tua’s last game was atrocious, but I’m sure they’ll find an excuse for the 8-19 performance for 145 yards (or whatever it was). Wishing Dwayne the best, he deserves it in this group.

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