Ohio State Football Notebook: ‘He makes you want to play for him’

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A Proud Big Brother

As a redshirt freshman in 2017, Dwayne Haskins showed glimpses of what he was capable of doing as Ohio State’s quarterback.

He had his ups and downs and good and bad throughout the season. Michigan was his true coming out party and his performance in that contest was a precursor of many great things yet to come.

This past season, he has set enough records to make Jesse Owens proud.

While some Buckeye fans think he should have played more than he did last season, his head coaches believe he was not ready.

There was no doubt, however, that once he took the reins this past offseason he was prepared for everything that was put in front of him.

To watch what he was able to do this season with over 4,500 yards passing and throwing 47 touchdowns, he truly grew up before everyone’s eyes.

“He did, it is crazy, it is like watching your little brother grow up,” senior right tackle Isaiah Prince said. “I remember Dwayne coming in as a freshman and he was nervous to talk. Saying the cadence, he was so quiet, just seeing him become this leader and this great player at Ohio State, I am just happy for him as an older brother. It is a feeling that I cannot describe.”

What’s It Like With Ryan Day?

Dwayne Haskins has been coached by Ryan Day these past two years and has grown every step of the way.

Haskins’ development and performance has not been lost on quarterbacks from around the nation, including prospective Georgia quarterback transfer Justin Fields. Fields has been tied to the Buckeyes with increasing tightness over the last few days and the main reason why is the respect that Day commands at the quarterback position.

His results are undeniable, but they will certainly be put to the test in 2019 when he is likely to lose his starting quarterback and have to get a new starter ready to lead his dynamic offense.

So what is it about Day that makes him so special?

“Coach Day comes to work every day, and he comes with a lot of intensity and a lot of energy,” Haskins said. “He makes you want to play for him. And not only that, he’s a great coach, he’s a great person. He’s a family man. I love his kids. His wife is awesome. He does a great job of making you feel like you’re a part of his family and you feel like you’re his son. He’s always going to do his best to make sure you’re good, and that’s what I like about Coach Day.”

Reunited and It Feels So Good

The Buckeyes have been without the best player in the nation since September, so they have been forced to move on from defensive end Nick Bosa.

Just because they have moved on, however, doesn’t mean they have forgotten

Once it was determined that Bosa wasn’t going to be able to get back this season, he left for California in order to get ready for the 2019 NFL Draft.

The fact that he is now in the same area of the country where the Buckeyes will be next week has not been lost on fellow defensive end Chase Young.

“I’m going to see my guy,” Young said. “For sure. I’ve already hit him up.”

What did Young have to say to Bosa following his injury?

“I told him chill, get your body right and make some millions,” he said.

And just because Bosa was gone doesn’t mean he wasn’t still involved in doing what he could to help Young.

“He used to watch all the games and tell me what I needed to do better,” he said. “He still had his login, so he’d watch film.”

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  1. Coach Day has demonstrated his ability to take a raw talented HS an and teach them how to become a top talented player at arguable the most demanding position of any sport, while creating an environment for the player to gain confidence and the leadership traits that makes excellence possible. Who wouldn’t want to play for a coach that has your future as he’s top priority. Can’t see Justin Fields not taking the opportunity to join the Buckeyes if given that chance.

  2. No doubt, Haskins coming out party was against MI, but we saw signs of it against MD. The real key was his ability to run, wonder if he had that skill set and courage against, MN, PUR, NE, how that might have changed things and perceptions. My hope is the Day runs a hybrid, high octane O that runs better than OK, CLEM and Yes AL, interestingly our O was there the last two games.

    1. The writer was not referring to this year’s game against ttun being his coming out party. It’s about last year’s game when he came in for Barrett after his injury.

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