Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer, Dwayne Haskins, and Chase Young Talk Big Ten Championship Win

INDIANAPOLIS- Ohio State’s head coach Urban Meyer, sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins, and sophomore defensive end Chase Young met with the media following the Buckeyes’ Big Ten Championship win over Northwestern.

Here’s what they had to say immediately following the game.

Urban Meyer

+ “I’ve never been more proud of a group of people to stick together.” From the beginning of the season, to losing Nick Bosa, to injuries. Everyone has stuck together.

+ We were up and down. That’s what happens when you have adversity and injuries to deal with. Not many teams are perfect. We’re 12-1 Champions.

+ Meyer’s response to all of the talk this season, “Who cares. You just show up and get better and that’s what they did.”

+ Sure the playoffs matter. Ultimate prize is a national championship. But he doesn’t want to think about their playoff case tonight.

+ There should be a lot of merit for winning the conference, winning tough road games and a win over rival and No. 4 Michigan. “I think we deserve a shot”

+ We’re a heck of a football team.

+ I’ll never forget this team. One of the most unselfish groups of people I’ve been around.

+ Meyer said he loves this group of seniors.

+ Dwayne Haskins is without a doubt a Heisman candidate and should be in New York City.

+ He has never coached in a Rose Bowl. Meyer said coaching in the Rose Bowl would be great.

+ Meyer named a bunch of players who have significantly helped this team get to this point. Dre’Mont Jones, Isaiah Prince, Tuf Borland, Parris Campbell, Johnnie Dixon, and Terry McLaurin. The captains on this team are special.

+ Nick Bosa was one that took a while to recover from. It was a shot to the heart.

+ Terry McLaurin always has a game like this, it’s just a matter of just getting him the ball. He could have had a lot more tonight. He will go down as a Buckeye great. He and Parris [Campbell] gave the pre-game talk today.

Dwayne Haskins

+ Great protection all game, great play calling, receivers stepped up. Haskins said he just had to give the ball to the playmakers.

+ Finished with 499 yards, and said the one more yard would have been nice but he could have thrown for just 80 yards, all he just wanted to do was win the game.

+ On Terry McLaurin coming back to Indianapolis and playing the game that he had. Haskins said this is where he grew up and this was for his family, and for the teammates. He shows out. He did a great job today.

+ On McLaurin’s first catch for a touchdown. “He was there for me,” Haskins said.  “Credit to how much we work in practice on scramble drill.”

+ Coach Meyer does a great job of instilling trust in the players when it matters the most.

Chase Young

+ We knew he [Clayton Thorson] was a NFL Pro style quarterback. Schiano said we have to get after him. Today, we just followed what Schiano said.

+ After we lost to Purdue, we had a tough meeting with Schiano. We had to trust each other. We built more trust in each other. “That’s the brotherhood.”

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  1. Awesome game. My first time in indy tonight. The drive back to Cleveland tomorrow will be relaxing after a win.

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