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Buckeye Weekly Podcast: Dobbins’ Return to Form, LBs Playing Faster

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk Ohio State spring football, particularly the linebackers and running backs, with whom they spoke on Thursday. JK Dobbins is working on a return to his freshman form. How is he doing that? The linebackers are excited about the new defense and linebackers coach Al Washington because he has them playing faster. There is also a bit of NCAA Tourney talk with OSU and Iowa State set to tip off late Friday night. There’s also some Pro Day talk, and Tate Martell gets a segment too.

The Rundown

+ We are live on remote from our satellite studio.

+ JK Dobbins looking to return to freshman form.

+ Dobbins took ownership of his struggles, but was it really all on him?

+ He’s been very open about his disappointment in himself.

+ He didn’t necessarily work as hard last year as the year before according to Tony Alford.

+ He was fine with splitting reps, but it affected his performance.

+ Is this JK’s last season?

+ Demario McCall is banged up right now.

+ Tony Alford is VERY excited about Demario McCall.

+ Rondale Moore anybody?

+ McCall is mismatch potential.

+ Master Teague is doing well and will play this year, but how much?

+ Could he be a short-yardage guy?

+ What would be a good split of carries for Dobbins and McCall?

+ Marcus Crowley is drinking through a firehose.

+ Dobbins was worrying about other people and that affected him as well.

+ Tony Alford will need to keep his running backs from worry.


+ The coaches missed us, it’s clear.

+ Tuf Borland says this defense allows the linebackers to play faster.

+ Why couldn’t they play faster last year?

+ There is no reason to expect anybody other than Tuf Borland to start in the middle this year.

+ There is a lot that can still happen at linebacker, so don’t write folks off just yet.

+ Talking about the Bullet.

+ The Bullet won’t be on the field at all times.

+ Al Washington raved about Dallas Gant.

+ Things are making more sense now for Gant.

+ Al Washington is a high energy guy who wants fast, violent dudes.

+ Are the inside linebackers interchangeable?

+ There’s really nowhere for everyone to play.

+ Teradja Mitchell knows fans love him, but he also knows that doesn’t mean anything.

+ Different is good.

+ Speed and violence are two good things.

+ Pro Day reaction.

+ Tate Martell is eligible immediately.

+ This is a good thing, right?

+ It’s certainly odd reasoning that would not have flown even a few years ago.

+ Talking Cyclones and the NCAA Tournament.

+ How late is this frickin’ tip actually going to be?

+ What to know about Iowa State.

+ Will the Buckeyes go small?

+ Can Kaleb Wesson take advantage of his size?

+ Justin Ahrens is gonna go off again.

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[Buckeye Weekly is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]

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  1. Tom, why do you so hate the Buckeyes?

    1. He doesn’t hate all of them, just certain ones.

  2. LB can’t play faster if they can’t run faster. Borland is either really slow or was not recovered from his injury last year. Either way, he can’t be on the field unless his speed and lateral movement have greatly improved.

    1. Boy, are you going to be disappointed this year. Same Old Boring Borland. Disagree with your first sentence.

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