WR L’Christian Smith Leaving OSU Football Program

Ohio State football wide receiver L'Christian Blue Smith

Redshirt freshman wide receiver L’Christian Smith is leaving the Ohio State football program per reports. The news was first reported by Bucknuts. Ohio State has not yet confirmed the move.

Smith played in one or two games last year, but did not catch a pass.

This year he was slated to be fourth in line at the X position behind seniors Austin Mack and Binjimen Victor, and junior Jaylen Harris.

Smith was always an intriguing prospect at over 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, but he has also had other interests aside from football.

Nicknamed “Blue” as a baby, Smith chose Ohio State over Kentucky when Urban Meyer expressed to him that he would get to play receiver at OSU and not tight end.

There were reports that some suitors were telling Smith that OSU would make him a tight end, but Meyer sat down with Smith and told him they want him at receiver, but if he grows into a tight end, they’d have a plan for him there as well.

“When I went up there he just wanted to let me know that, ‘Wide receiver, that’s what we wanted to bring you here for,’” Smith said back in August of 2017. “But it’s all about development. Say I get taller and gain a few pounds, and then I become a tight end. You never know. He gave me two plans. So if I stay this size, I’m a wide receiver. If I get bigger, I’m a tight end. That’s pretty much what he told me, so we’ll go with it.”

Without Smith, Ohio State is now down to 86 scholarships. They need to be at 85 or under by this fall.

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  1. One of my fav Warriors – thought he’d find a place here. Best of luck, Sir!!!!

  2. Wish him success, best of luck. See

  3. Disappointed, but not at all surprised. His window for playing time just wasn’t very good with the talent ahead of him. Good luck.

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth! Thanks!

  4. That portal is going to get a work out this year! Good luck Mr. Smith!

  5. He seemed to know that he was in over his head. He can go to kentucky now, they’re blue too.

  6. He should have moved to TE. He could make some money playing that position.

  7. He’s an Ohio guy, so I hate to see him quit, but hey, the guy has to be happy where he’s at…if that’s not in Columbus, Good Luck man.

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