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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Game of Throws

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr break down every angle of Matthew Baldwin’s transfer and what it means for the Buckeyes this year. What is next for the OSU quarterback room? Is this Ryan Day’s fault? Is it Justin Fields’ fault? Would things have been different under Urban Meyer? The fellas also talk NFL Draft and which Buckeyes will be hearing their names called this week and when. The final portion of the show is a Game of Thrones discussion as Tom and Tony put percentages to which major characters are going to die this week.

The Rundown

+ Apologizing for saying nothing was going on last week.

+ But not apologizing either.

+ It’s never about Justin Fields…

+ Matthew Baldwin ain’t transferring if he wins the job.

+ Can you name a starting quarterback who has ever been a clear-cut starter who has transferred due to homesickness?

+ Justin Fields was insurance against Tate Martell and Matthew Baldwin transferring.

+ Maybe this is also why Justin Fields was with the ones — Ryan Day knew he only had one guy who wasn’t going anywhere.

+ There are plenty of QBs who can lead OSU to a 9-3 season, but that’s not what Ohio State is looking for.

+ Justin Fields gives the Buckeyes a higher ceiling in 2019 and beyond.

+ Can Chris Chugunov lead OSU to a 9-3 season?

+ OSU needs a QB who can win games 14 and 15.

+ What does the quarterback room look like right now if Justin Fields doesn’t transfer?

+ Somebody is still transferring, but you’d probably have Dwan Mathis.

+ The talent this year is still better with Justin Fields at OSU.

+ There are some people who have blamed Ryan Day for this situation.

+ Nobody would be able to withstand the loss of five quarterbacks in 12 months.

+ Would things be different if Urban Meyer was still here?

+ Ohio State isn’t the only school dealing with bad quarterback numbers.

+ Gotta start adding an Ohio quarterback to the roster every now and again.

+ Let’s talk about Gunnar Hoak as the fix the Buckeyes need.

+ We talked about him a month or two ago.

+ Why would Gunnar Hoak want to come to Ohio State and be a backup?

+ The road to playing time is much easier than it was before Matthew Baldwin transferred.

+ Gunnar Hoak would be one play away from starting.

+ This is a nearly miraculous confluence of events.

+ There are other options out there as well, but they don’t make as much sense as Gunnar Hoak.

+ It’s not unfair to say quarterbacks get better under Ryan Day, which is also an allure.

+ Gunnar Hoak would be playing with better talent around him as well.

+ What does 2020, 2021, 2022 look like at scholarship quarterbacks?

+ Four scholarship quarterbacks that you recruited may never happen again.

+ What about bringing in two quarterbacks in 2020 and 2021?

+ There’s dangers to that approach.

+ You have to be honest and straight with the recruits.

+ What about 2019 quarterback prospect JP Andrade?

+ Would it be a good idea to offer him a scholarship?

+ NFL Draft talk.

+ Skip Nick Bosa at your own risk.

+ Tom doesn’t understand the Kyler Murray thing.

+ Tony wouldn’t gamble on Murray at No. 1.

+ Dwayne Haskins will be the first B1G QB selected in the first round since 1995.

+ The Haskins Slide.

+ Tom and Tony don’t understand the whole Daniel Jones deal.

+ People who get paid to think, end up thinking too much.

+ Making a mistake on a QB isn’t the disaster it used to be.

+ Could any other Buckeyes slip into the first round?

+ Where will the rest of the Buckeyes be selected?

+ Listener questions.

+ Who has bigger shoes to fill, Justin Fields or Ryan Day.

+ The answer is obviously Ryan Day, but…

+ If Ryan Day can make the playoffs half the time, will he have surpassed Urban Meyer?

+ Justin Fields won’t be surpassing 50 passing touchdowns.

+ Putting percentages to 5-star prospects ending up as Buckeyes.

+ Why would somebody sign with Tennessee or Miami on purpose?

+ Is the transfer portal changing the balance of power in college football?

+ Why isn’t Shaun Wade playing cornerback?

+ Spoiler alert on Game of Thrones.

+ Tom and Tony put percentages to which characters are going to die this week.

+ Spoiler warnings don’t really apply this season because each episode is an event.

+ Tom doesn’t let his kids watch the show.

+ The Battle of Winterfell is gonna be exhausting.

+ Will Jon Snow die this week?

+ Tormund is the best character on the show, but he’s gonna die.

+ What about Gendry?

+ Tom did some googling last week about this scene.

+ There are expendable characters out there, like Gendry.

+ Pour out some milk for Tormund.

+ Drink it out of the jug for Tormund.

+ What about Arya?

+ Ser Davos?

+ He’s the smuggler uncle that only a few of us were lucky enough to have.

+ Tyrion will be safe down in the crypts.

+ But are the crypts even safe!?! Oh noes!1

+ Cersei likes bad boys.

+ Is this Jaime’s last week on Earth?

+ Brienne?

+ Will Ghost make it?

+ Tormund was too focused on the big woman and forgot about the ice dragon.

+ Do both dragons make it this week?

+ Bran?

+ The Night King?

+ Tom’s not a fan of Sansa. smh.

+ “Go be an Arya, don’t be a Sansa.”

+ Sam has to make it, right? RIGHT?!

+ Things aren’t going to end well for Dany and Jon.

+ Stay tuned for our instant reaction show Sunday night, “Bran Thunder.”

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