Morning Conversational: So Where Did All of the Buckeyes End Up?

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Today’s Topic: So Where Did All of the Buckeyes End Up?

Nine different Buckeyes were selected in the 2019 NFL Draft this weekend, but that wasn’t the end of the NFL story for Ohio State this year.

Following the draft, four other Buckeyes who went undrafted signed free agent deals with NFL teams.

There were 15 scholarship players from last year’s team who exhausted their eligibility or turned pro early.

At this point, 13 of them will be cashing an NFL check.

The two outliers right now are kicker Sean Nuernberger and center Brady Taylor. Taylor dealt with injuries throughout his career, as did Nuernberger.

Things began quickly for the Buckeyes, as defensive end Nick Bosa went No. 2 overall to the San Francisco 49ers.

Bosa’s contract will be around $33.6 million with two-thirds of that being guaranteed through his signing bonus. As a first-round pick, the team will have an option to pick up a fifth year on the contract down the road.

Quarterback Dwayne Haskins went No. 15 overall to the Washington Redskins. His contract will be around $14.5 million with $8.8 million guaranteed. Had the New York Giants selected him at No. 6 instead of taking Duke’s Daniel Jones, his contract would have been around $25.7 million.

The next Buckeye off the board was receiver Parris Campbell, who went in the second round (No. 59 overall) to the Indianapolis Colts. His contract will be around $4.6 million (over 4 years) with a $1.4 million signing bonus.

Defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones went No. 71 overall, which was the third round. The Denver Broncos selected him and will pay him around $4.1 million total over the life of his contract. His signing bonus will be just over $1 million.

The Washington Redskins reunited Dwayne Haskins and receiver Terry McLaurin by drafting McLaurin in the third round (No. 76 overall). McLaurin’s contract will be slightly less than the one signed by Dre’Mont Jones.

Cornerback Kendall Sheffield was the first Buckeye off the board in the fourth round, going No. 111 overall to the Atlanta Falcons. His contract will be in the neighborhood of $3.3 million with a $760,000 signing bonus.

Center Michael Jordan was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals late in the fourth round (No. 136) overall. He will once again play next to Billy Price, who is expected to be the Bengals’ starting center next year. Jordan’s contract is around $3 million with a $486,000 signing bonus.

Offensive tackle Isaiah Prince went in the sixth round (No. 202 overall) to Miami. His contract will be around $2.6 million with a $152,000 signing bonus.

Running back Mike Weber was the final Buckeye drafted, but he didn’t hear his name called until the seventh round (No. 218) when the Dallas Cowboys selected him. He will once again pair up with Ezekiel Elliott, but this time fans might actually get to see them play on the same team. In 2015, which was Elliott’s final year at Ohio State, Weber redshirted due to injury. His contract will be around $2.6 million with a $108,000 signing bonus.

Soon after the draft, receiver Johnnie Dixon signed a free agent deal with the Houston Texans.

Offensive guard Demetrius Knox signed a deal with the Seattle Seahawks, offensive guard Malcolm Pridgeon signed a deal with the Houston Texans, and linebacker Dante Booker was reunited with former linebackers coach Bill Davis with the Arizona Cardinals.

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  1. Good Lord, Tony- O-zone had ALL NIGHT and part of the following day to released something. My “apologies” for being off by a day, but NOT wrong in the spirit of the comment. If anything your observation makes it worse. So, since quibbling is your ‘defense”, I’ll amend my remark to “the O-zone had all FRIDAY to release an acknowledgement of this great Buckeye”…
    Now that the trivia is done, how about the actual POINT? Let me guess, most of you didn’t see Hondo play, so it wasn’t much of a story? Sound about right? This is egregious for a OSU Sports site. It doesn’t get any better than John Havlicek in OSU basketball history (!!), and you folks (not just you) couldn’t find FIFTEEN MINUTES to write something?

    1. I acknowledged it was a mistake and apologized for it. I was in an NFL Draft mindset and others were not available.

      1. You made excuses is what you did, then tried to bring it back on me because I wrote the wrong day…you’ve already spent more time tap dancing with me, than it would have taken to write a brief tribute to an actual Buckeye Legend. Think on that awhile. Priorities, anyone? Jeesh.

  2. Tony- you are not the only writer, and the news did not break during the draft. It was was wee hours Fri night/Saturday morning, and I saw how fast you guys were announcing where OSU players were going in the draft. O-Zone had ALL DAY Saturday to publish something, all day… It goes FAR beyond “unfortunate” that O-zone totally ignored an OSU hoops Mount Rushmore figure. Can one of you make it up to us with a Tate Martell update, please? GROSS.

  3. OZONE STAFF- There was a pretty decent Buckeye basketball player who died early Saturday, John Havlicek. You may have heard of him? Played in 3 straight title games for OSU, EIGHT time NBA champion, Celtic’s all time leading scorer? Ohio guy too, all class? During the 12 hour window when this news was first broken and the 7 pm start time for the draft, couldn’t someone have written something to acknowledge this legend? BUSH LEAGUE.

    1. It’s unfortunate that we don’t have a story on John Havlicek’s passing, I agree. The news broke DURING the NFL Draft, not 12 hours before the draft started. I was busy working on the draft until late, and then I spent some time with my family on Friday before digging into the draft again. My apologies.

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