Ohio State QB Matthew Baldwin Has Placed Name in Transfer Portal

Matthew Baldwin Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Ohio State redshirt freshman quarterback Matthew Baldwin has placed his name in the NCAA’s Transfer Portal. The-Ozone has confirmed the news with OSU, which was first reported by Lettermen Row.

Baldwin’s name is not yet visible in the portal as the process takes a couple of days, but his intention is to transfer from Ohio State.

Baldwin was part of a quarterback competition this spring with Georgia transfer Justin Fields.

When the media was able to see practice, it was generally Fields with the first team and Baldwin with the second team. Fields got the start in last Saturday’s spring game.

Baldwin, who sat for three years in high school and started as a senior, told The-Ozone this winter that patience was a virtue, but so is playing.

“Well, I am a patient person, so I don’t think I’m tired of [waiting], but I’d much rather be on the field than off,” he said after the Rose Bowl.

At the time Baldwin was excited for his first opportunity to compete for the starting job.

“I’m not afraid of competition,” he said. “I welcome it because the best player is going to play here. There’s no politics. I hope I can be the best player. It’s going to take a lot. My work is cut out for me. Dwayne has set the standard so high. You’ve got to be perfect if you want to have success here at Ohio State.”

Baldwin’s intended departure gives Ohio State just two scholarship quarterbacks on the roster, and both are transfers. Graduate senior Chris Chugunov transferred in from West Virginia last season, but did so as insurance. Now, he is one play away from being the Buckeyes’ starting quarterback.

Justin Fields has now clearly taken over as Ohio State’s starting quarterback, which eliminates any possible confusion, but also creates plenty of uncertainty.

Expect head coach Ryan Day to hit the graduate transfer market hard again this summer, and it may not be a bad idea to look into signing two quarterbacks in the 2020 recruiting class.


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  1. this is beyond ridiculous at this point…people are all talk but if they don’t get their way they split–if they dont wanna be a Buckeyes..see ya!…only for family/personal reasons do I understand but seems like most are because they didnt win the job…

  2. I really feel for the coaches since in my career I too am judged by the decisions and performance of a group of 20 somethings. It is not easy to build a successful career based on people 20-30 years younger than you who are not your own children.

    Think of the QBs who committed but never came in recent years (Wallace, Jones, Mattis (sp?)), the QBs who enrolled but never saw the field (Gibson, Baldwin) and the QBs who only saw very limited game time before deciding to transfer (Burrows, Martell) and then think of all the time and time and energy the coaches had invested in them. That is 7 guys just off the top of my head that never came or left in the past 4-5 years. Meanwhile, in that time period only 3 QBs really played and had an impact. A 70% attrition rate seems somewhat sad to me.

  3. Until they start paying these 18+ yr old adults (while the NCAA, Colleges and Media make billions on CFB) should be able to transfer anytime-don’t want him to go buy wish him good luck

  4. I have stated the obvious from the start, there was not a QB competition….Fields was a 5 star (highest ranked to be signed by Ohio State) and came in with the job in his pocket. If this was not the case he would have gone to several other schools who were also interested in his services.
    Just curious if anyone else has noticed that Tater Boy is like third or fourth string QB at Miami? Transfer portal does not always translate into a starting position.

  5. Lots of good comments here! NCAA is committing slow suicide by promoting the easy transfer crap! It needs to stop now before the game becomes shambles. The other piece are all the early departures to the NFL by the $$$ hungry brats that have been told they are gods from the time they are Jr High. Look up Saban’s comments on this recently and take a look at the stats. Including those who don’t get drafted and those who are out of football in three years with no degree and no understanding of real life.

  6. Sometimes there are other things going on in a kid’s life other than football. Cut this kid some slack. He was hand picked / recruited by Day. They have a great relationship. Fields will go to NFL after two seasons leaving Baldwin with two more years of eligibility. He isn’t leaving because he isn’t starting. Read his statement and don’t be so quick to judge.

  7. I can see Joey Burrows going, he waited, had Tate and Haskins, and now is poised to take a SEC crown. I can see Tate leaving, he had Haskins and Burrow and even Baldwin. But Baldwin was one injury on Justin Fields from being a QB for a top 5 OSU program and sure that Day would have gotten him involved even with a healthy Fields. Oh well, glad Day knows how to spit shine QB’s.

  8. What the heck happened??? Two days ago Day said the QB competition was still open and now this kid wants to transfer??? Seems like he’s banking everything on Fields

  9. What is so terrible about this is the old adage “live by the sword, die by the sword!” I got to believe this kind of hop scotch can not last. Simply undermines the game. How did this situation evolve so fast? Why would college football shoot itself in the foot, like this?

  10. Dumb ass rule, dumb ass decisions.

    It’s not a transfer portal………it’s a chicken shit portal spoiled little brat portal.

  11. The Ohio State needs to go after D.J.
    UIAGALELEI! He is great size and has a great arm!

  12. Every quarterback thinks he can be a starter and tells everyone he is not afraid of competition. Well it seems that Tate Martell and Matt Baldwin did not stand by their words. If a school does talk to this kid, I would ask him why should we give you a shot? Are you willing to compete for the job or do you just want us to name you the starter? The NCAA should make it mandatory for these guys to sit out a year.

  13. With each of these, college football loses 10% value in my heart. Down to 60% already.

  14. He’s an unproven 3-star QB and he thinks someone will pick him up to start? I’m for players doing what is in their best interest, but this just pisses spoiled entitlement.

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