Matthew Baldwin Releases Statement Regarding Transfer

Matthew Baldwin Ohio State Transfer Quarterback Buckeyes

Redshirt freshman quarterback Matthew Baldwin has released a statement about his intention to transfer from Ohio State.

The entirety of it is below.

“I want to start by saying I am grateful for my time in Columbus and the relationships formed here at Ohio State.

“This spring was huge for me to finally get back on the field after my ACL tear. It felt really great being in the mix of things and taking snaps again. Being able to play in front of 75,000 of the greatest fans in the country was beyond exciting. I loved getting to know Justin and competing with him was an incredible experience for me. I was really proud of what I did and am excited about my progress.

“At the same time, spring was a tough time for me personally. My family and I have prayed and talked a lot about where I belong and what is best for me. In the end, we feel like it’d be better for me to step away from Ohio State. I want everyone to know this isn’t done out of anger or frustration, but I’m not just a football player.

“I want to emphasize the love and respect I have for the entire Ohio State coaching staff and my incredible teammates. Especially, I want to thank Coach Day for his guidance over the past year and for the belief he had in me from the start. He is an amazing coach and a great person. He will do incredible things at Ohio State. I also want to thank the strength coaches who work with us every day.

“Finally, I want to thank Adam Stewart and the entire physical therapy and training staff for helping me bounce back. Stew is the best in the business and has been such an important person in my life this year. I will never forget what he did for me in what was a very difficult time.

“Thank you Buckeye Nation for all the memories and support. I appreciate what this experience has taught me and consider my time here as a blessing. I’m looking forward to my next step in life and I wish the best for each of you.”

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  1. Good ridden!If you don’t have the guts to compete you don’t deserve to be a Buckeye!

  2. Geez, what a mess this transfer portal has become- whether it “benefits” OSU short term or not. Welcome to the system feeding on itself, everyone. One of the most compelling reasons to enjoy college ball over pro is waving bye bye…
    As I write, I know there are folks who fall on all sides of this argument- “it’s a free country, he can do what he wants”, “he should honor his scholarship and stay at OSU”, maybe a couple others that escape me. The one thing beyond argument, however, is that this portal is causing chaos and uncertainty that WILL affect a team on the field and in the preparation for games.
    On a personal level, I’m getting a little tired of the “I love and respect my teammates and coaches BUT” speeches from these young adults. You don’t bail out on something you love and respect after a year.
    What a mess for all of D1 college ball- sad.

  3. The trend is clear. Last spring game was a expo for second QB who was not about to win the job and was already planning to transfer with the blessing of the coaches. He got most of the snaps and did well and got a good deal. This spring game was exactly the same scenario. Do not be fooled. Spring games are no longer for you. They are for other university coaches looking for a transfer. That will teach you for driving a couple of hours to watch a spring game.

  4. In his statement, he mentions that after a lot of conversations and prayers he was leaving.

    What? Did Elohim lie to him when he prayed before about COMING to Ohio State? A double minded man is unstable in ALL this ways.

  5. In his statement about leaving, Baldwin references four times that OSU is home to the “best” this or that person/program (aids to his advancement.). So, why transfer to someplace else that will not have the best? This is more about sluggish character than football skills development.

  6. He never really gave himself a chance here. He was hurt all of his redshirt year with an ACL…he gets healthy and goes through spring, and that’s it. He couldn’t have thought that would be enough to solidify him at his position. At best he was going to have to compete… and most likely he was going to have to sit as a back up, wait for his opportunity, continue to learn and progress in the meantime, and then take advantage of his opportunity when it showed.

    Some of this transfer stuff is fools gold. Even if he would have had to sit for his RS Frosh and RS Soph year, he could have started as a 4th yr RS Junior … and pulled a Haskins having one great year and leaving for the pros. One great year at OSU can be better than multiple years starting at a lot of schools. Just saying…

    1. EXACTLY…..Or he could have waited to transfer after he got his degree.

  7. Well…………….bye.

    Anyone who thinks this transfer portal garbage is anything other than a garbage can of nonsense needs their heads examined.

  8. I said quite awhile back NCAA needs to get a handle on the easy transfer crap! There need to be stricter guidelines and enforcement of the “sit out a year rule”. There are no deterrents and it’s become a free for all. Now take a look at the Buckeyes and see what this has become.

  9. Sounds like maybe there are some non-football family considerations at play here.

    1. Sure there is…bottom line is, kids don’t want to be jumped in playing time. Osu is always going to be bringing in guys who are better than me, and I’ll never get a chance to show what I can do. That’s how the last 3 qb transfers felt.

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