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Buckeye Weekly — Redemption For the Linebackers

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr go over the latest batch of interviews with the Ohio State Buckeyes. After having conversations with the running backs, linebackers, tight ends, and their respective coaches, there is plenty to talk about. The linebackers, in particular, have earned a lot of praise. All three positions are discussed in depth and a plan has been put in place to get almost all of them on the field this year.

The Rundown

+ This is a live show.

+ Talked to the linebackers, running backs, and tight ends.

+ What did we learn today?

+ Demario McCall is the backup running back.

+ Why?

+ What did Demario have to do to get the nod?

+ Blocking.

+ Demario ain’t a big dude.

+ Dealing with defensive ends ain’t easy.

+ Marcus Crowley would be the No. 3 running back right now.

+ Master Teague hasn’t been healthy.

+ Is this Tony Alford’s deepest group of running backs?

+ Who is the fastest running back on the team?

+ Master Teague has run some 4.3s, so we know he’s fast.

+ Teague is also the biggest. Not a bad combo if healthy.

+ Big, fast RBs who can run through tackles?

+ Why aren’t Master Teague and Marcus Crowley getting the proper attention?

+ Just a little bit more on Josh Proctor again.

+ Al Washington loves Tuf Borland, you want to fight about it?

+ Expectations for Tuf are high.

+ What is more likely, loudmouth jerks on Twitter are right about Borland, or the coaches?

+ Al Washington likes Pete Werner and Baron Browning too.

+ Baron Browning has impressive smarts.

+ Ohio State’s defense as modifications rather than schemes.

+ Mike and Will are interchangeable.

+ How is more options simpler?

+ OSU can show anything on defense without tipping their hand.

+ Tony Alford’s first word on the defense: Fast.

+ The most athletic defense in school history?

+ Can these guys on defense be happy with playing so few snaps?

 + There is pressure on Jeff Hafley to get this right.

 + It starts with the culture.

+ Tom’s favorite thing.

+ This is a deep, deep group of tight ends.

+ They are all veterans now.

+ Jake Hausmann is the forgotten guy.

+ Maybe there are two different kinds of tight ends on this team?

+ When you have two tight ends on the field, you may not have an H.

+ Everybody has to know the concepts.

+ Jeremy Ruckert is doing well.

+ The optimism is noticeably high with the coaches and players.

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[Buckeye Weekly is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]

5 Responses

  1. I really like your pod casts. However, in this one you speak of Al Washington really liking tOSU line-backers and if I am not wrong the last group of LBs Al has to compare them with is those of TSUN. If memory serves me right that group performed well until they actually came up against a good offense then they stunk up the place. I hope Coach Washington is actually comparing them to good LBs.

  2. Listening to this Podcast all I could hear was Bob Marley singing Redemption Song.

  3. Count me on the Borland bandwagon. Apart from what any of the coaches are saying, when your teammates vote you captain, it ain’t because you’re a scrub. Dude made some plays last year despite being put in position to fail. I think this year, in a position to succeed the kid will shine.

    1. Huge cracks were opening up even back in 2017, and it was pretty obvious that the Buckeye defense was missing the heck out of Luke Fickell. In 2016 the Buckeyes were 6th in total defense and looked rock solid across all 3 levels. In 2017 they finished up 9th in total defense, but there were warning signs of weaknesses throughout the linebacker level of play. Kill the body, the head will die. I don’t know of anyone who ever wanted Bill Davis coaching at Ohio State other than Urban Meyer. Urban put him in charge of a historic monster for opponents to have to prepare for. About any average sports fan wasn’t expecting much out of him. When the leaks in the dam started showing up in 2017 most people I know were seeking higher ground. Tuf Borlad, after a half a year of sub Buckeye linebacker play, came in and patched the levee. When he went down with the Achilles, dread was the order of the day. By the time 2018 finally opened people were already sharpening their swords, lighting torches, and building gallows. Coming out of game 1……..anger. Coming out of game 2 Buckeye Nation was already surging up the hill. When nothing was adjusted or fixed…….Frankenstein had no chance at all.

      If all 3 starting linebackers for the Buckeyes aren’t at least mentioned as All conference players, their quality of play had better be such that HUGE progress was seen by enough eyes, or Frankenstein’s castle will be burned to the ground. Al Washington is in an unenviable position, but I believe he’s the right guy for the job. He’s 1 thing Bill Davis will NEVER be………he’s a developer.

      I’m cautiously optimistic and willing to give full support to whoever he sends to the field. By mid season I hope to be hoarse beyond belief for screaming for all the right reasons than from the frustrated anger from last year.

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