Thanks again and last push.

Earlier this month we announced our August fundraiser and many, many of you elected to make a donation in support of the-Ozone. We can’t thank you enough if you are already in that number. Without your voluntary support we would not be able to continue to exist as a subscription-free site.

For the last 10 days or so we haven’t mentioned the fundraiser. That’s because we decided to “lay low” for a couple of weeks knowing that when game week got here a good number of people who don’t visit the site all summer would be back.

Game week is here, so we are making a last-push on our fundraiser. So far we’ve received donations totaling just over 11,000 dollars. That helps us a great deal, but isn’t quite enough to see us through until next August.

So, if you are coming back for game week, or if you have just put it off, please take a moment to consider a donation of any amount. We’d like to raise another 5,000 or so over the next week, then we’ll shut up for another year on the donation issue.

Thanks again to all of you who have already acted.

Mr. Ed

How to contribute.