Five Predictions: Ohio State at Nebraska

Justin FIelds Austin Mack Ohio State Buckeyes

I’m going to apologize right off the bat because I’m not going to be able to go back and look at last week’s predictions.

I mean, I could, but I’m in the car somewhere in Iowa right now and I just don’t feel like it. I was told that I got four out of five correct, which would surprise me since they were my predictions.

I believe the only prediction that I got wrong was that Luke Farrell would have a catch. This is definitely not the Year of the Tight End at Ohio State, no matter what I said back in the spring.

That was not a prediction in the spring, however, And remember, my predictions come with a 100% lifetime guarantee that they will always remain predictions. You can’t get that from any other predictor.

This week, I’m seeing some struggles ahead for the Buckeyes. Not enough to cause them to lose, but enough to allow them to taste some blood in their mouths.

1. Justin Fields will turn the ball over.

Justin Fields has not throw an interception or lost a fumble yet this season. I know you’re going to point to the safety last week, but if Ohio State had technically “lost” that fumble, it would have been a touchdown and not a safety. Fields hasn’t faced any adversity yet this season. He’s due. An interception is coming. Let’s see how he responds

2. JK Dobbins will rush for at least 117 yards.

There is no rhyme or reason for why I went with 117 yards. It’s probably a bit low, but I’m not going to complain. After seeing the way Illinois ran the ball on the Huskers with no passing game, I have to think the Buckeyes will be able to do even better. The balanced offense should make JK Dobbins even more difficult to defend on Saturday.

3. Austin Mack will catch a touchdown.

Austin Mack was robbed last week of a touchdown catch by a bad holding call on Jonah Jackson. Ryan Day knows it was an unfortunate situation and he has spent the entire week devising ways to get Mack into the end zone this week. It was probably three or four days too many, but it just goes to show you how much he cares about his players.

4. A defensive lineman will force a fumble.

Nebraska has fumbled the ball 14 times this season and lost nine of them. The Ohio State defensive line, meanwhile, has forced three. The Buckeyes have been focused on strip sacks of late, and that resulted in a pair of them from Chase Young last week. This Nebraska offensive line is shakier than a one-legged stool and just as capable of being knocked over.

5. Ohio State will give up a play of at least 34 yards.

The Huskers have playmakers on offense and they will have their opportunities in this one. Sophomore running back Maurice Washington is tied for the Big Ten lead with four plays from scrimmage of at least 30 yards. Receiver JD Spielman has three such plays, and freshman slot-back Wan’Dale Robinson has one as well. All three players can make defenders miss, no matter how good they are. They will make some plays in this game, but it’s going to be fun to see how well this Buckeye back seven holds up.

Bonus: Chris Olave will have at least 70 yards receiving.

Chris Olave is the only sure thing on the Buckeyes anymore, so I’m pretty stupid for putting him among the auxiliary predictions. But still, should any of my predictions above not be able to fulfill their duties, this one should be able to step in just fine.

Bonus: Justin Fields will have a career-high in passing yards.

This one feels like stealing, which is why I put it down here. This isn’t a prediction so much as it’s a guarantee. If the weather holds out, he’ll have this in the first half.

Bonus: A linebacker will have an interception.

Tuf Borland is the only Buckeye linebacker with an interception, but that might be changing after this game. Or maybe he’ll just be the only linebacker with two interceptions.

5 Responses

  1. Your right about fields not having a to yet, he has two. The sack fumble was 2 points, and a lateral pass that is a fumble. That’s two, no?

    1. Sir Miles — you are right about that lateral. Forgot about that. Had people from OSU saying a couple of weeks ago that he hadn’t committed a turnover and just forgot about that one. The fumble in the end zone according to OSU isn’t a turnover, it’s just a safety. OSU recovered the fumble.

  2. Weather prediction for 35-40% chance of rain may result in more running plays and more yardage for Dobbins than you are predicting.

  3. I predict Lee Corso will put on the Brutus head just before noon today. Dobbins will have a big game and the passing by Fields will show that Nebraska does not have the defense to stop us. This is the first of three consecutive night games for OSU. Wisc may be the fourth one on 10/26.

  4. Looks like our competition this year is Wisconsin and Penn State. October 26 and Nov. 23 , with the Penn State game for the right to play for the BiG championship. Not saying they won’t lose before then, but I don’t see other teams they should lose to. Hopefully the team isn’t looking ahead, but I can…

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