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Five Predictions: 2019 Big Ten Championship Game

You know what’s disappointing to me? All of the thousands of dollars that I have spent on honing my prediction skills with conferences and seminars and beer, my ability to do math is still lacking. For instance, in my predictions piece I wrote last week, I mentioned that I was 18-of-30 on the season. Not once did I think to myself, “Hey self, if you do five predictions for each game…

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Five Predictions: Wisconsin at Ohio State

The average person can expect to be correct in about 4.8% of their sports predictions. Professional sports predictors like myself, however, are generally around the 5.6-5.7% mark. In other words, predictors are in an entire different universe than just regular people. There’s a reason weekend classes down at the Legion run upwards of $45 a session. Science ain’t cheap.

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Five Predictions: Michigan State at Ohio State

I get a chuckle when I am out and about and I hear children telling their parents that they want to predict things when they grow up. I actually go up to them and laugh. Then I’ll say something like, “Keep dreaming, kid. Not everybody is cut out for this.” And then depending on how tough the dad looks, I might shove the kid in the shoulder a little bit. I’m sure doctors are the same way.