Five Predictions: Ohio State at Rutgers

Ohio State Buckeyes v Rutgers

We are currently in the hills and yonder of Pennsylvania right now as we are about three hours away from the campus of Rutgers.

As I am typing this up in a van, you will please excuse me for not going back to look at last week’s predictions, but I believe I was four of five and only missed the fifth by two yards.

I tell you that to tell you this — I don’t need to bask in my own glory. I know how much people are in awe of me. I don’t need to soak it in when I’m constantly being showered by your praise.

Plus, I can just ignore you if your admiration becomes annoying. Which it sometimes does, but I know you mean well.

You may not know it, but some of the trickiest predictions to make are in contests where the outcome is never in doubt. Making predictions for a Rutgers game is a lot like sitting in a daycare and predicting which toddler is going to fall on his face first. You know it’s going to happen, but picking the right kid is a crap shoot, and nobody shoots more crap than Rutgers.

But we’re still going to try because that’s the Predictor’s Code. That and never acknowledging a misteak.

1. The Buckeyes will have a play of at least 62 yards.

I’m going to guess that it will be Jameson Williams or JK Dobbins, but it could literally be anybody who dresses for the Buckeyes. And it could be defensive. Heck, there may be one on each side of the ball. Double heck, Rashod Berry may be responsible for both of them.

2. Demario McCall will rush for a career high yardage total.

Demario McCall’s career-high rushing total is 103 yards, set at Rutgers two years ago. He’s probably going to get much of the third and fourth quarter to try and top himself. He played well in limited opportunities last week and this could be a good time to start getting him greased up for Penn State and Michigan.

3. A freshman or sophomore will lead the team in tackles.

I’m not sure if this will be Dallas Gant, Teradja Mitchell, K’Vaughan Pope, or Josh Proctor, but it will probably be one of them. Or maybe we see Sevyn Banks or Cam Brown all over the place. Or perhaps Tommy Togiai goes crazy and can’t be stopped. We know that is a possibility up front. Maybe Javontae Jean-Baptiste plays a big game in front of his family. Or maybe all of this happens because it’s entirely possible this week.

4. Rutgers will have at least one quarter with 12 yards of total offense or less.

Everybody needs a layup.

5. Ohio State will have at least 20 more first downs than Rutgers.

Ohio State had 40 first downs last week, which was a top five number in school history I believe. I don’t expect that same number because there should be more home runs this week. As such, Maybe the Buckeyes finish with around 35 first downs and hold Rutgers to 15 or fewer. I’m gonna need the backups to do better than they did a week ago, however. And please no flexing over top of the quarterback. You have to be outside of the flex halo.

Bonus: Chris Chugunov throws more touchdowns than Justin Fields.

Can anybody even dispute this? Chugs will be in by the end of the first half and throwing it around, then he’ll get to do it for much of the third quarter as well. Poor Justin Fields might only throw three touchdowns this week.

Bonus: Zach Harrison has at least 1.5 sacks.

Predicting sacks is a fool’s errand, but I’m packed and ready to go!

Bonus: Jaylen Harris catches his first career touchdown.

Jaylen Harris is a junior now. It’s time to get him a touchdown.

5 Responses

  1. How did you arrive at 62 yards, Gerd? I don’t wanna BE a prognosticator, but I’m always fascinated with their method. 😉
    Hope Demario lives up to “The New Indiana” prediction.
    I’m bettin’ on K’Vaughan Pope. Dude was a BEAST last week!
    Pro Tip for Zach Harrison. QBs take 7 step drops. So should you. 😉

  2. Master Teague gets his first 200 yard game.

    1. Surprised Teague isn’t starting yet, what with Dobbins’ “lack of vision and burst” and all 🙂

      1. He didn’t have either last year. He knew it and so did the rest of the Country. 2019 he transformed his body and learned how to run angry instead of like a bunny rabbit.

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