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Five Predictions: Ohio State at Michigan

Garrett Wilson Ohio State Buckeyes Receiver

Everything that has happened up until now is meaningless, except for my predictions.

In this uncertain college football world where rivalry games are won or lost because of simulated urination, the people want to know that they can rely on someone.

Relying on college football means relying on chaos. Relying on me and my predictions, however, means relying on something that is right every time more than 55% of the time.

For instance, last week’s Penn State predictions.

Let’s go over them quickly.

Prediction 1: Justin Fields will put up at least 350 yards of total offense.

Outcome: Failed it. Ryan Day foolishly decided to run the ball to win, which is a thing you do against Michigan but don’t have to do against Penn State.

Prediction 2: Ohio State will finish with at least 150 yards of total offense more than Penn State.

Outcome: Nailed it. Ohio State finished with 417 yards of total offense compared to Penn State’s 227 yards, which is 190 fewer yards than the Buckeyes managed.

Prediction 3: A starting defensive back will have an interception for the Buckeyes.

Outcome: Failed it. Would’ve nailed it, but Shaun Wade had a pass go through his hands.

Prediction 4: Chase Young will set a school record against the Nittany Lions.

Outcome: Nailed it. Chase Young’s three sacks set the school record for sacks in a single season.

Prediction 5: JK Dobbins will outrush Penn State.

Outcome: Nailed it. Dobbins rushed for 157 yards while Penn State managed just 99 yards.

The 3-for-5 week now moves me to 18-of-30 on the season, and even though it is incredibly impressive and I have spoken to 60 Minutes about it, none of it means jack squat this week when making my five prediction for Michigan.

This is where all of those hours spent making predictions pays off. Those 5:00 pm workouts that seemed terrible at the time have now come home to roost, and I am going to roost comfortably!

Let’s get down to business.

1. JK Dobbins will outrush Michigan.

This prediction worked last week and feels like a good way to go again this week. Michigan isn’t running the ball well at this point and Dobbins and Ohio State are. Dobbins feels like he’s headed for 150 yards or so, which is about 30 more than I’d expect the Wolverines to put on the board.

2. Chris Olave will score.

This may sound like a cheapie given Chris Olave’s dominance over Michigan in the past, but I can assure you that it is not. Olave has scored 10 touchdowns in 11 games this season, which means he is averaging less than one score per game. I, on the other hand, am prediction him to average at least one score in this game. On average, Olave has yet to score a touchdown in a game, so me predicting that he’ll do it this week is fairly bold.

3. Shea Patterson will be held under 260 yards passing.

Since Shea Patterson’s amazing second half of the Penn State game when he accounted for zero touchdowns, AND when you remove his 6-of-12 performance for 100 yards against Notre Dame, he is averaging a little over 150 yards passing per half. Ohio State’s season-high passing yards allowed in a game, on the other hand, is just 218 yards. So what I have done here is averaged out OSU’s high with Patterson’s average and come up with the 260-yard number. This has me concerned a bit given the health of Shaun Wade, but the Buckeyes to still have Chase Young I believe.

4. Chase Young will cause a turnover.

Be it an outright strip sack or a battled pass and interception or a pressure that leads to a turnover, I do expect Chase Young to force at least one turnover. Patterson has been relatively careful with the ball over the last four games, which makes this a pretty bold prediction. Though I supposed there are plenty of other players on Michigan’s roster who could fumble the ball when Young hits them.

5. Justin Fields will throw an interception.

Look, it’s going to happen, just make friends with it. Justin Fields has thrown 116 consecutive passes without an interception. And has has thrown 252 passes this season with just one interception. Nobody goes through an entire season with just one interception thrown. It just doesn’t happen and it won’t happen with Fields. Book it. Write it down in ink. Tattoo it if you must.

8 Responses

  1. #6 That the guys whining that it’s not a night game will be watching it in their cozy room on a big screen with the fireplace going.

    #7 It’ll be a sloppy, ugly game but the Buckeyes will beat Shittigan for the eighth consecutive time.

  2. I have got to believe this Ohio State team is one of the great teams of all time and a statement game is coming! Kind of along the lines of 1955, arguably Woody Hayes greatest game. 17-0 and Michigan only crossed the Ohio side of the field once! Ohio State is primed. A cold bitter day for the Wolves.

  3. You really think Patterson throws for 260 yards on this Buckeye defense. If he does the Buckeyes will get smoked. I think you’ve been sneaking some sips of the Holiday spirits. Patter stands a better chance of RUSHING for 260 yards than passing for that 260.

    So you’re calling Chris Olave to score twice………..sounds good, and reasonable to me.

  4. Oh, man. I hope Fields proves you wrong on the last prediction. Go Bucks! Beat Xichigan!

  5. Michigan will be called for PI within 10 OSU offensive plays

  6. 55% might be good in baseball and basketball but in football it ain’t shit..

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