Baron Browning Ohio State Buckeyes

Five Predictions: Miami (OH) at Ohio State

When you finally get your 10,000 hours of predicting in, there is no point in continuing to keep track of being “right” or “wrong” because that’s not why we do what we do. When I wear my official League of Extraordinary Predictors badge and fanny pack around town and people see me, they know — right or wrong — that I am a man who predicts things, and they respect that.

Ohio State football Chase Young

Five Predictions: Cincinnati at Ohio State

People will read last week’s five predictions and say, “Tony, you got four of your five predictions completely wrong.” To which I would say, “Only four? Make sure you don’t look at the bonus predictions.” I would then remind them of something that Thomas Edison said when he failed to invent the light bulb. I have not failed, I’ve just found four ways to be wrong about predictions.

Ohio State football quarterback Tate Martell touchdown run

Five Predictions: Indiana at Ohio State

On Monday, I sent out the October edition of the Predictor’s World Newsletter. It’s something that I came up with to bring America’s — and three of Canada’s — predictors together and to provide us with a forum for discussion, debate, and basic human contact. All via a monthly email. The theme of October’s newsletter is that the more incorrect your prediction, the more forceful your blame needs to be. If you ever want to make it as a predictor, then you have to…