Five Predictions: Penn State at Ohio State

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In order for a board certified predictor to go from a Novice to an Apprentice to a Super Apprentice to a Master Novice and finally to a Super Master, we must keep track of all of our predictions.

We don’t necessarily need to be correct — with our records or our predictions — but we are supposed to keep track of something.

Being right more often than I am wrong, I try to make sure my records are accurate because I have nothing to hide. Plus, I like to be an inspiration to kids.

Recently, I have not been keeping track of my predictions here due to schedule constraints and a desire not to brag in front of the less-fortunate predictors, but I have now found some time to tally up my preciseness and the clamoring has become too much to ignore.

Here’s the quick and greasy of it.

I went 3-for-5 in the Wisconsin game, 4-for-5 in the Maryland game, and 2-for-5 in the Rutgers game.

My season total is now an unheard of 28-of-50. I spoke with a few of my NASA buddies and they said numbers like that have only recently been discovered, and that took billions of research dollars.

So I got that going for me.

But I’m not done.

I’ve got between 15 and 25 more predictions to make this season.

And it starts right now.

1. Justin Fields will put up at least 350 yards of total offense.

Justin Fields put up a career-high 335 yards of total offense last week with 305 yards passing and 30 yards rushing. Fields has produced 216.4 yards passing and 37.7 yards rushing per game and produced 41 touchdowns, with just 14 passes and seven rushes in the four fourth quarters he’s taken part of so far this season. If we assume he’s going to play all four quarters here, setting a career-high in total offense seems like a no-brainer. Expect a turnover or two, however, because he is very due.

2. Ohio State will finish with at least 150 yards of total offense more than Penn State.

The Buckeyes are averaging 142 yards of offense more than Penn State in conference play this season, and giving up 94 fewer yards in B1G play than the Nittany Lions. If you combine these two numbers, you get 236 yards. So, say, Ohio State with 550 yards and Penn State with 314. That actually seems very realistic, and had I known that before I made my prediction, perhaps I would have raised the number above 150. But there is no changing a prediction once it has been made.

3. A starting defensive back will have an interception for the Buckeyes.

Ohio State’s starting secondary has seven total interceptions this season, but everyone except for Shaun Wade is due. Actually, even though Wade had one last week, he’s good enough to be due every week. Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford has spotty accuracy. Sometimes his receivers have to stand in a certain way with a television antenna just right in order to get (a) reception.

4. Chase Young will set a school record against the Nittany Lions.

This isn’t a prediction about sacks, but did you know that Chase Young is just one total sack away from the school record of 13.5 sacks. Now, I’m not saying he’s going to set a school record in sacks. Sack predictions never work out. I’m saying his record could be anything, from passing yards to most punt return touchdowns in a game, to longest field goal. Who knows?

5. JK Dobbins will outrush Penn State.

JK Dobbins is averaging 128.9 yards rushing per game, and that’s while not playing in the second half of four games or the fourth quarter of seven games. He has 42 total carries in the second half this season. So now imagine him with four quarters of carries. Actually, you don’t have to — the math says it would project to 199 yards rushing per game. Penn State brings in the nation’s No. 4 rush defense, however, allowing just 75.9 yards rushing per game. They lead the nation in yards per carry defense, allowing just 2.19 yards per carry. No team has averaged even four yards per carry this season against PSU, so asking Dobbins to outrush the Nittany Lions is a tall order. Of course, the Penn State running game is nothing to write home about. In fact, the most yards they’ve rushed for against an FBS opponent this season is 198 against Maryland. Yeah, one yard less than what Dobbins would be averaging against everyone this year.

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  1. Where the hell is the Tip Sheet? It’s almost 10 PM!

  2. Chase blows by the record. This dude’s PISSED!!

  3. I agree that Dobbins will have a big day running the ball. Not sure if he alone will outrush the Penn State team or not. I also think Fields will steal another rushing TD or two from JK in the red zone this game. It’s gonna be a good one!

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