Five Predictions: Ohio State at Northwestern

JK Dobbins Ohio State Buckeyes Running Back

So I predict five things for every Ohio State game. The Buckeyes have played six games. Last week, I said I had gotten 16 of my 25 predictions correct.

However, as a calculator has pointed out to me, there should be 30 predictions total.

I don’t know where those five predictions went or who took them, but this is very typical in the prediction industry. Impostors are constantly trying to steal other predictors correct predictions, and I have no doubt that has happened here.

This is partly my fault for sharing predictions in odd company.

Still, I would ask that the predictions be returned to me — and returned correctly, just as they were when I made them.

Until then, I will continue to restock my prediction woodpile, which begins this week against Northwestern.

And don’t even think about stealing these. I’ve had each of them outfitted with GPPS, which is my Gerdeman Prediction Positioning System.

1. Northwestern will be held under 97 yards rushing.

Northwestern is rushing for 152.4 yards per game this season, so me predicting the Wildcats falling short of 97 yards is pretty impressive. Why did I choose 97 yards? Because that’s how many yards they rushed for against Wisconsin. Ohio State gave up nearly double that number against Nebraska (184) and Cincinnati has topped it as well (107). Nobody else has done better than Miami (OH)’s 70 yards on the ground. If they do rush for over 97 yards, they’ll need at least a 30 yarder.

2. The Buckeyes will intercept at least two passes.

Ohio State has only had more than one interception in a game once this season, and that was when they nabbed three Adrian Martinez passes at Nebraska. So…they’re due. Jeff Okudah has gone one entire game without an interception, so you know he’s itching for one. And if you think he’s going crazy, Shaun Wade doesn’t have a single interception yet this season. This feels like a two-pick night for Wade. I’m still waiting for a linebacker to snag one out of the air rather than off of a tip.

3. Chris Olave will score a touchdown.

Chris Olave hasn’t scored since the Miami (OH) game, meaning he’s been blanked against Nebraska and Michigan State. Worse yet, he didn’t even get a catch against the Spartans. We can expect him to be involved in this game because he’s been too quiet for too long. Two games of three catches for 30 yards preceded Olave getting shut out last week. It’s time for a big game from the sophomore.

4. Ohio State will score at least 17 points from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm Eastern.

This should be the second quarter wheelhouse for the Buckeyes, where they are averaging 22.3 points per game this season. However, we must remember that Northwestern has a very good defense, so you can’t expect the Buckeyes to just run roughshod at night on the road. This isn’t Lincoln. But they should still be able to put up 17 points from the end of the first quarter to the end of the half.

5. Justin Fields will be responsible for a play of at least 46 yards.

Why am I going with 46 yards here? Because I was originally going to go with 47 yards, but then thought to myself, “What if he only goes for 46 yards?” That’s when I thought to myself, “You know what we oughtta do? Just make it 46 yards and then we don’t have to worry about.” And so that’s what I did. If Fields tears off for 45 yards and nothing beyond that, I’m going to be pretty upset and my entire view of the Transfer Portal will change.

Bonus: Ohio State won’t allow a play of more than 26 yards from scrimmage.

Northwestern has nine plays of 20 yards or more this season, and only three of over 30 yards. Ohio State is planning to make the Wildcats work for their scoring drives.

Bonus: Ohio State will put up at least 400 yards of total offense.

Nobody has put up 400 yards on the Northwestern defense this season. Wisconsin only managed 243 yards. Stanford has done the best, with 365 yards. I feel pretty good about this one, which makes me wonder why I didn’t put it in the five predictions that count. I guess because it feels too easy.

Bonus: Justin Fields will set a career high in passing yards.

Eventually this one has to hit, right? He just needs 234 yards.

Bonus: Chase Young will have at least 1.5 sacks.

Good ol’ rock. Nothin’ beats that.

5 Responses

  1. Poor predictable Bart. He always picks rock.

  2. I think you have a shot at going 5 for 5 this week. Olave is due for a TD. I’m hoping 3 and 5 happen on the same play!

  3. I predict Borland chasing someone. And not catching him

  4. 1. NU throws 3 or 4 ints. early and PF shuts down the passing game because they trail 14 to 0 without the Ohio State offense reaching the endzone up to that point. Because of that. NU runs the ball 40 times against the Buckeyes but only gain “90” yards.

    2. The only talking point FOR NU is their defense. By the final gun even that will be a relic of the past. The Buckeyes rush for 400 yards+ with run run run, run run pass, to keep Justin Fields out of harms way until NU simply throws in the towel.

    3. Chase Young gets 2 sacks. That’s only because PF was afraid……..he was very afraid and stopped all pass plays. Otherwise Chase would have gotten at least 3 all by himself.

    4. Master Teague pops 125 yards rushing and finishes 3rd in yards gained behind JK and Justin.

    5. Jordan Fuller finishes boredom reading of an old Harold Robbins novel before exiting the game very early to take a nap.

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