Analyzing The Impact Of A Possible Chase Young Suspension

Chase Young Suspension

Star junior DE Chase Young will sit out this weekend’s game against Maryland as Ohio State investigates reports of possible NCAA rules violations.

The school issued a statement Friday morning saying that, “Ohio State’s Chase Young will not play in this Saturday’s game between the Buckeyes and the Maryland Terrapins due to a possible NCAA issue from 2018 that the Department of Athletics is looking into.”

Technically, Young hasn’t been suspended yet. But if he is forced to miss more than a game or two, it could have a major impact on this year’s Buckeye team.

OSU is a big favorite for Saturday’s game against Maryland and next week at Rutgers.

Beyond that, however, things could get serious pretty quickly.

The Buckeyes close the regular season with back-to-back games against Penn State and at Michigan. If they win the first two, they would then play in the Big Ten Championship Game and potentially the College Football Playoff.

Losing Young for any of those games could cost the Buckeyes not only a win, but also their championship hopes.

While Young is a generational talent, Ohio State does have the luxury of quality depth at the defensive end position.

Senior DE Jonathon Cooper will also miss this week’s game due to an injury, leaving sophomores Tyreke Smith and Tyler Friday, redshirt freshman Javontae Jean-Baptiste and true freshman Zach Harrison to cover the end spots.

Smith and Friday each have five tackles and a sack in five games this season, including two starts. Jean-Baptiste has 14 tackles and 1.5 sacks and Harrison has 10 tackles and 1.5 sacks, mostly in a backup role.

If Young is forced to miss more than two games, that would put more pressure on that talented, but relatively inexperienced group.

Senior DT Jashon Cornell slid outside to start at defensive end in the season opener against Florida Atlantic, and could make that move again if the Buckeyes want a veteran off the edge while Cooper is out.

Defensive line coach Larry Johnson has options that most people in his position around the country could only dream of.

But there’s a reason Young was considered a Heisman candidate; he’s a pass-rushing talent unlike anything Ohio State fans have ever seen before.

Ultimately, a possible suspension for Young could be anything from a minor inconvenience to a season-changer for the Buckeyes. It all depends on if, and when, he can come back.

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  1. This is just academic at this point. The NCAA just changed the policy on “pay to play” and this sort of thing will go away maybe as soon as next year.

  2. Where did this idiot Drake guy come from? Could it have been Clemson, Alabama, maybe even somebody in the B1G. How about Oklahoma and don’t be surprised if its ttun or that other team un? Then again, none of the above schools, just Drake himself. I think Ath. Dir. Smith needs to get some information from somebody else in the know to check out this story. THIS IS BIG FOR THE BUCKEYE FOOTBALL TEAM!

  3. Rules are only rules as long as you don’t play for the SEC or the ACC…then, it’s a whole different set of ‘rules’…

  4. So is it possible Gene Smith self reported this now in hopes of a two game suspension? If so, that’s good timing.

  5. Heisman……gone. DPOTY…….gone. All other awards…..ghone. Potential BT Title…..up in the air. Playoffs…..iffy. National Title…..if he is suspended….good luck in the NFL.

    1. The sky is falling according to Mr Mills. Laughable. This team wins the next 4 games by a minimum of 3 TDs each. The playoffs are a different issue. He should have known taking a loan from a private source needed to be cleared by the compliance dept. If there is nothing more to it than that, AND it wasn’t for a large amount, maybe he gets an earned 2 game suspension. Christ, at least ask a coach!

      1. You’re the only person saying the sky is falling. The award tour for Chase is cancelled. Got nothing to do with THE TEAM. You don’t lose major disruptive players like Chase Young and avoid a downturn in productivity, and I don’t care HOW good the backups are “supposed” to be. Even with his bum ankles last year he was far and away the best player on the field for either team.

        I did ask a coach, AND I asked Compliance people that I know. Now go back to eating your checkers.

        1. And Urban Meyer doesn’t win a third N.T. without J.T. breaking a leg.

        2. “Potential BT Title…..up in the air. Playoffs…..iffy. National Title…..” Your words Mr Mills. Or maybe you are like the Drumpster, and think you can spin your way out of it.

  6. Does anyone know what the potential rules violation was?

    1. He took a loan from a friend that he paid back in 2018.

    2. Improperly accepting a loan from a “friend”. Some friend.

      1. Bullsh*t. Friends borrow from friends every single day and there’s NOTHING improper about it AT ALL. Just because an organisation writes rules for THEM to receive “”improper benefits,” doesn’t mean I have to forego a lifetime of friendship and how we all interacted growing up.

        The loan isn’t the problem, it’s the retarded rules written by thieves and con artists that are the problem.

        1. That’s an asinine comment Mr Mills. Of course loans should be subject to investigation by the NCAA. The risks of buying talent, or compromising the integrity of the student athlete are far to high to just think of it as bumming a 20 from your buddy. These athletes are given numerous lectures and presentations on the risks involving any exchange of goods and services to the student. He knew he should have asked someone, and he didn’t.

          1. WHY should they be investigated? If it’s not an agent the clowns of the NCAA………including that anti Ohio State retard Drake should keep their greedy hands and ugly faces OUT of College Athletics. Of course you DO realize (probably not) The Ohio State Athletic Department is a self sustaining entity ASIDE from the University.

            You only come out of the woodwork when it “appears” something is amiss with Ohio State. I’m certain of it………….you’re a piss balloon creep from Pedophile State U. Trot your idiot ass back to where you belong.

  7. I seriously doubt Drake and Smith are going to let Young come back. It really stinks how taking the high road makes the school look even more low class.

    1. It’s better they take the high road. Rules are rules and just because he’s one of ours doesn’t mean we circle the wagons and sweep it under the carpet hoping nobody comes out of the woodwork. If OSU has no integrity then what’s the point? Because everybody else does it? No, they don’t. This is the kind of thing that tarnishes the school’s reputation. I wonder how long this has been known about.

    2. Regardless whether Drake allows Chase back or not, Drake is a low rent punk who never should have been hired by Ohio State in the first place. The clown should go back to the left coast and wallow in their shit………where he belongs.

      1. Totally agree about that pos Drake. A total shit stain.

      2. Actually the rules have already changed. The NCAA is waiting for the schools to offer up solutions for the “pay to play” policy. This sort of thing will go away.

  8. Does anyone else smell a rat on the timing of this?

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