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The Buckeye SloopCast: S5E23 – Take Some Time To Think

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In this episode of the Buckeye SloopCast, Jared and Kyle prep for Tuesday’s reveal of the first College Football Playoff poll of the year. They discuss whether it should be Clemson or Penn State sitting at No. 4. They also have a discussion about FOX vs. ESPN. The show then spends some time on basketball and expectations for the Buckeyes this year. There is also a discussion about the weekend that was in the Big Ten, and much more.

The Rundown

Week one of the playoff committee… we pick our 4

Should Clemson or PSU be in the top 4?

Food? Yeah… let’s talk food.

Let’s put the B1G coaches in a steel cage

Game Day vs Big Noon

Worst #Buckeye memory?

#Basketball expectations

Fine… weather talk

Grill year-round… cowards

Avoid tik-tok, bitcoin, and more old man rants

It’s the bye week… let’s talk about grammar and the XFL

Nasty week for the non-majors

#B1G updates… Why there’s more to the UM/UM game

Is Indiana that good? Are Purdue sleeping giants?

May we never speak of SMU again

Only one team changed nation perception this week

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Why Omen
Lizard McGuire

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  1. USS Buckeye heavy goal line package.

    Justin Fields under center. Dawand Jones – Fullback. Chase Young -Tailback – Master Teague – Tailback. 5 – OLine. 2 – TE’s.

    Come and get some.

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