Live Updates — Ryan Day Radio Show — Nov. 21

Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day takes part in his weekly hour-long radio show beginning at 12:00 pm on Thursday. He is expected to preview Saturday’s game against Penn State and answer a number of questions from hosts Paul Keels and Jim Lachey. We will provide updates throughout the show. Refresh for updates.

+ All three fifth-year defensive tackles have taken advantage of their opportunities and they are leaving the place better than the way they found it.

+ When it makes sense, they will return a  kick.

+ The more noise the crowd can create on Saturday, the better for the Buckeyes. It disrupts all of the opponents’ communications. “If you can make it loud and take the verbal cadence out of it, it’s a huge advantage for the defense.”

+ There are a lot of recruits coming to campus. This should check off the “gameday atmosphere” for those recruits.

+ He has talked to the team about approaching the season like March Madness. “We’re got to bring it every week.”

+ How do you not look ahead to Michigan? “That’s what being tough is.” You make sure you’re locked into the moment and not looking ahead.

+ The defensive staff has grown and now has a really good and consistent system for practice and the game.

+ This is a very mature group of players who has an appreciation for what this game means, coming in at 10-0. “Whoever prepares the best is going to win the game.”

+ “Don’t wait until your last game to cry in front of your teammates.” It’s not the same in the NFL. The brotherhood is not the same.

+ Day wants fans at the game early to pay respects to the seniors.

+ Chase Young is ready and excited to be back.

+ Working hard to convince the team that every play matters this week. “Ever snap’s gotta matter.”

+ Sevyn Banks has been an impact on special teams this year.

+ The linebackers will be challenged on the throws to the tight ends. They do some tough RPOs that are a challenge to cover.

+ James Franklin is an excellent coach who has a great staff and they recruit. On the field, they challenge you on all three levels. They have playmakers all over the offense. Defensively, they are strong. Linebacker Micah Parsons and DB John Reid are good. They have talented depth.

+ You can watch all the film that is out there, but opponents are always changing based on personnel and opponent. You can always be chasing ghosts and overanalyzing things. You eventually have to just trust the plan and go.

+ Day believes providing an availability report is good policy.

+ Penn State’s defensive front is more aggressive than any they have played this season. They attack and get upfield and try to disrupt you.

+ The players on this team are so unselfish because even they don’t want to sit in the second half, they do it for the good of the team and cheer on their younger teammates.