Live Updates — Ryan Day Radio Show — Nov. 7

Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day takes part in his weekly radio show this afternoon beginning around 12:00 pm. Day will answer questions from Paul Keels and Jim Lachey, as well as a few from fans via social media as well. Day will also preview Saturday’s game against the Maryland Terrapins. We will provide live updates throughout the hour. Refresh for the latest.

+ Day watched the first half of the Ohio State basketball game last night. He believes Chris Holtmann is one of the best coaches in the nation.

+ Day will be 50 years old by the time the Georgia series gets here, which is hard to think about. Great to have a team like that on the schedule moving forward. They did run the series by him before scheduling it.

+ “I don’t stand anywhere.” — Day on where he stands on the initial College Football Playoff rankings. If it means anything, it’s that the bullseye is getting bigger and bigger.

+ Day played a little safety early in high school as well and enjoyed it.

+ Recruiting is No. 1 in terms of time spent during off weeks. This was a great opportunity to find more out about their recruits, asking teachers, coaches, guidance counselors. But now as you get back into game week, the team takes the focus.

+ Day got to watch his son RJ play quarterback in a game for the first time this weekend. “Mostly shotgun.”

+ If you consider yourself tough, bad weather gives you an edge mentally and physically because the weather is the same on both sides. New Hampshire played at Maine on Thanksgiving weekend one year and it was -5 degrees and you couldn’t feel your hands. Hand-offs hurt. The ball was a rock. Made you think about whether or not you really wanted to play football.

+ Depth has been created at running back as the season has gone on. They have four backs they feel comfortable putting in the game at any point. Demario McCall is practicing really well and they’re going to need him down the stretch.

+ Justin Fields has adapted fine to the toughness needed, but he’s still just scratching the surface. He only got here in January. Now it’s November and he’s got an opportunity to be part of something special. Also, he’s got a lot of film out there right now so team’s can begin to scheme against him and he has to deal with that.

+ It is critical that the linebackers step up and play well in this game. Anthony McFarland is one of the best backs in the country and they have to get him down.

+ Pete Werner gives them the versatility to line up over a slot receiver on in the box against the run.

+ Keandre Jones is doing a great job for Maryland. “It jumps off the film. He seems like one of the leaders out there.”

+ They expect to see more than one quarterback from Maryland this week. They have to be aware of the QB tendencies, but they won’t change OSU’s defensive scheme.

+ Maryland is dangerous on offense. They have a lot of weapons. That’s still fresh in the defense’s mind. They have quarterbacks with different skill sets. Defensively, they played their best game last week. “I think they’re one of the better tackling teams in the nation.” They’re one or two in missed tackles nationally. They give you a bunch of different front. A lot of talent and well coached. Had a kickoff return touchdown last week. Better start out fast this week.

+ Tyreke Smith is as healthy as he’s been all season, so they are expecting a strong finish. Javontae Jean-Baptiste and Zach Harrison continue to improve.

+ The defense is at its best when they can get the offense off schedule. “There’s a lot of weapons over there.”

+ This is where the team wanted to be at this point, but November is very different in the Big Ten. You have to deal with the elements. Wind and rain. You have to be tough. But you also have to be tough to bring it every week, especially when you have a bullseye on your chest.

+ This bye week was different than the first one because they weren’t coming into a Friday game. The players got a bit of a break, but then they went back to “good-on-good” in practice. They have had some good days of practice.