JK Dobbins Breaks Eddie George’s Single Season Ohio State Rushing Record

JK Dobbins

GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Ohio State single-season rushing record stood for nearly 24 years, but it was broken Saturday night in the Fiesta Bowl by Buckeye junior tailback JK Dobbins.

Eddie George set the record of 1,927 yards rushing in his Heisman-winning 1995 season, and with a second-quarter carry against Clemson tonight, Dobbins reset the record book.

Dobbins came into the game with 1,829 yards rushing on the season, which was 98 behind the record.

On Dobbins’ third carry of the game, he hit a hole up the middle, made a defender miss, and went 68 yards for the touchdown.

The record-breaking carry came on a 64-yard run at the end of the first quarter.

Dobbins now has 1,970 yards on the season.

The game is now heading into the second quarter.

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  1. The targeting and roughing calls were fair and made by the rule book. Wade should have kept his eyes up and not led with the crown of his helmet. The way I saw the fumble, there was insufficient evidence to overturn, but really, three failures to score a TD with first and goal? One wasted by an illegal procedure penalty? I think for the first time this year the stage was a little too big for coaches and players. But who outside Buckeye Nation thought OSU would even get this far? I am proud of this team. Sad that the sting of this loss will haunt them more than memories of an otherwise great season.

  2. The Bucks played hard, no questioning that. There were absolutely some questionable calls that affected the game, the targeting, (there has to be some cleaning up of this rule for sure). The fumble by Clemson receiver was without a doubt a very bad call. But all that being taking into consideration, the Bucks still made mistakes, especially in play calling within the red zone, (too many pass plays in my opinion, excluding the two Dobbins dropped). Bucks linebacker play was still suspect, in quite a few situations. They were out of position in the big run play by QB Lawrence, and again on the pass over the middle to their running back , both resulting in a touchdown. Also tackling could have been a little better at times. The big blunder of the game by the Bucks, in my opinion was Days call for a punt block, WHY? Clemson punting from the 1 yard line, you are going to get the ball at worst mid field, and the chance of regaining the momentum was at that moment. Result, lost the chance of getting the momentum and gave up a touchdown. Very bad call. I have been watching and following the Bucks since 1968, and that was the first time ever, i switched the TV channel and didn’t finish watching the game, because i couldn’t stand the thought of how hard the players on defense put forth the effort to stop Clemson then have a coaching staff call wipe out their effort, and put the defense back on the field , resulting in a more deflating TD and putting the team behind the eight ball now. I hope Day learns from his mistake. I still think the Bucks were the better team, but mistakes and in some instances and questionable calls can’t be overcome against a very good opponent. Now its on to Joe Burrow from the Buckeye state, who still has some scarlet gray blood in his veins, who i believe along with his LSU teammates will take care of Clemson in grand fashion.

    1. I told my wife please don’t go for the punt block. And they do. Think I broke a few things in the house after that. Granted he should have blocked that kick. I’m with u though bad call but I think he was trying to flip the momentum back to the bucks. If they blocked it and scored we’d all be sitting here talking about how huge that was and how much balls he had to make that call. If it works your the hero in this case it didn’t so he’s going to take some heat over it. But to make it to the playoffs win the big ten beat Michigan go undefeated in regular season and in my eyes should be playing in NC game with a first yr head coach first yr QB is damn impressive. Osu has a bright future and Ryan day is going to lead the way. Go bucks

  3. I will always admire JK. I hope he comes back and finishes the job. If he does not, I will always root for him.. Losing Wade was huge, but the injury to Dubbins was even bigger.
    Good game. We had our chances. Few bad calls, fouls, and dropped TDs, and mental mistakes. The refs had no chance but to call the targeting call, but the fumble for a TD was BS. Very disappointing outcome. Day made a very bad call and untimely call. They had just scored. Now they are punting from their 5. You try to block it? I understand being aggressive, but you just killed their momentum and you give it right back? my feeling is that he will never forget that call.

    1. Remember Chase Young hitting Trevor Lawrence right after the Wade hit. I think Young’s hit with his arm around Trevor’s neck made it look worse and caused him to lay on the ground for a few seconds. So they reviewed it and ejected Wade for the whole thing and give them a first down.

    2. The issue is that replay is now refereeing the game from the booth.

      Absolutely agree with you on the block attempt.

  4. OSU had their chances and dropped passes and got FGS instead of TDS–BUT these refs/replay official SUCK.ED..first of all, the pac 12 shoulda had the officiating crew–not the lame SEC with a beef in it….the reversal of the defnsive TD when a clemson WR took THREE freakin steps…that alone makes it 30-29..clemson made great plays and osu injuries and ejections killed–that target call crap needs reviewed and adjusted ..and the 15 yd penalty on punt should NOT have been but shoulda been 5 yards, making them still punt–the kicker is going into the OSDu player as much as osu running into him when you watch it–..this is a very frustrating game on many levels and the best team did not win…even taking into acct the OSU mistakes, etc–the refs lost this dang game with ALL major calls going clemson’s way..pathetic

    1. Yep. We screamed NOOOOOOOO when they after the punt. They were set to get the ball in EXCELLENT field position……instead they rough the kicker and proceed to score a TD.

      1. yes definitely shoulda gone for the return on that punt

    2. Todd, I agree with you, but I won’t even go that far into it. The points scored in this game were enough to win. I feel they were the better team when you factor out the external factors such as mistakes/penalties. But they are part of the game. The fact is the penalties, whether we agree with them or not, still happened, and they directly resulted in 14 points for Clemson. That was the game.

  5. JK Dobbins as it turns out is the ONLY player on the Buckeye roster with any heart. Great job JK.

    1. You’re a jackass James A. Mills. I’m sick of your negative shit. Only player with heart? I wanna hit you in the mouth as a real football player.

      1. So’s you mother bitch.

        I live in Toronto Ohio….come and hit me in the mouth. Come on down. I don’t give a shit WHAT you’re sick of..pussy.

        1. Such an internet tough guy. As an alumnus of The Ohio State university and a football coach who can speak intelligently about football, your comments are constantly an armchair quarterback ridiculous rant that should be cast aside by anyone actually involved with football…not sure why I even read your garbage.

          1. You’re the clown that wants to punch me in the face, and “I’M” the internet tough guy. I hadn’t addressed you, you addressed me. Shut your piehole and come and do it, or apologize. Ah yes here we go…..the coach potato arm chair quarterback…………nonsense. Sonny boy, I’ve forgotten more about football then you will ever know.

          2. Yes they are! Thanks for noticing.

    2. Not even close to a true statement. Sorry dude, but sometimes your d!ck colored glasses win out over what actually takes place.

    3. You sir win the award for the most idiotic and ignorant statement of the year! I actually question your age by making a statement because it’s clear your maturity level is that of a 5 year old! JK Dobbins was the only one who showed heart?? You are a jackass!

      1. LOL…..nice try there Chuck.

        1. James Mills is the lame comic book store clerk from the Simpsons..don’t know why I would even continue fighting him…

          1. Says someone…………..threatening to punch people in the mouth. I stated my opinion. Couldn’t care less whether you like it or not. It wasn’t me threatening. Bad news for you when you threaten enough people someone will call you. If you don’t have the ass OR the guts the back your mouth, it’s probably better for you to just shut up instead of turning around on a message board to get others to fight your battles for you.

  6. With u on any complaint but the roughing the kicker call. They sold out on the block and paid the price.

  7. Such a disgusting game as the refs have taken over and giving Clemson all the key overturns. (Dobbins pass reception TD, Wade targeting, Clemson uncatchable pass and call pass interference, running into kicker called roughing the kicker, Fuller TD on fumble). These are all overturns in favor of Clemson. What gives here.? is the any accountability for Stripes who take over a clean game? Why play the game when you have to play against the refs??

    1. All valid points. OSU killed themselves with mistakes, but there was clearly some terrible officiating going on. The fumble for TD reversal was criminal. Great season by these kids tho. Really fun season! Geaux Jeaux!

    2. There were some bad calls, but in the end OSU still had a chance to win. Three field goals in the first half did not help at all. We also did not stop Trevor Lawrence from running all over the field and making plays. Maybe this loss will convince JK and some other guys to stay and not go pro.

      1. Trevor Lawrence is a little sissy bitch who was pampered for his fake flop by SEC officials.

        1. Watched Tuf Borland throw a vicious back elbow into this kid’s knee, after the play was whistled dead, and receive a pat on the back from Trevor for his troubles. That “little sissy bitch” was overwhelmed at about midway thru the 2nd quarter, and as soon as Wade was ejected for targeting a play later, watched him feast on the hole now created in our “spy zone” defense when Amir Riep replaces him. That dude was a dude and took it to us, and again I say, you’re just a dick. You honestly have no business coaching kids, as you claim(ed) to do. Drink a friggin Mylanta and get off your soapbox before you dislocate a hip

          1. Aw did I hurt you delicate feelings.

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