Mike Yurcich Focused On Fiesta Bowl, Not Future

Ohio State assistant coach Mike Yurcich

There are reports out of Texas that Ohio State passing game coordinator Mike Yurcich could be named the new offensive coordinator for the Longhorns as soon as next week.

Yurcich just arrived in Columbus last January, filling the spot on the staff that was vacated when Ryan Day was promoted to head coach.

He has worked with Day and offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson to put together a balanced, but explosive attack.

The Buckeyes have put up 48.7 points per game, the best average in the nation.

They’re averaging 272.2 yards per game on the ground, good for fifth in the nation. The only teams running for more yards are the three service academies and Kentucky, which basically switched to a single wing offense due to quarterback injuries.

Through the air, they put up 47 passing touchdowns against just one interception. The numbers are mind-boggling.

Yurcich said that he, Day, and Wilson split up game-planning and scheme responsibilities.

“My area of expertise, and where I have the most input is in the passing game. So that’s my area where I really try to focus and reign in on what schemes are best for us and give my input,” Yurcich said.

It’s natural to wonder if Yurcich might want a chance to really take the wheel of his own offense at some point – possibly soon. With Day as the head coach, that’s not likely to happen in Columbus.

Thursday morning at Fiesta Bowl Media Day, Yurcich was asked if he wanted to get a chance to run his own offense, whether it was in Columbus, or Austin, or somewhere else.

“Not right now. My interest right now, my focus right now is on beating Clemson,” Yurcich said.

However, it wasn’t hard to draw a parallel to last year’s Rose Bowl Media Day, when then-co-defensive coordinator Alex Grinch gave a similar brushoff to rumors that he was about to jump to Oklahoma.

Less than a week later, he was introduced as the Sooners’ new defensive coordinator.

Like Yurcich, Grinch was working in tandem with another coordinator, Greg Schiano. He left Columbus for the chance to run his own defense.

But before he left, Grinch finished his OSU career with a win in the Rose Bowl.

Whatever the future holds for Yurcich, he says right now, he’s focused on winning this year’s Fiesta Bowl. And he knows what the Buckeyes need to do to end Clemson’s 28-game winning streak.

“The same things we’ve had to do every game this year,” Yurcich said. “That’s taking care of the ball, being able to establish the line of scrimmage and run the football, and being very physical. Those are keys.

“On top of that, we have to be explosive, to find ways to get the ball into our playmakers’ hands and let them have explosive plays, and take shots when we necessarily can.”

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  1. OSU coaches salaries are competitive. In fact. Greg Mattison doubled his pay moving from TTUN to OSU. Alabama has seen churn, McElwain, Pratt, Smart, and Kiffen to name a few. Clemson has done a great job of keeping staff, but the pay scale is not too dissimilar from OSU. People leave for opportunity, or because they are disenchanted, or because they are asked. It is seldom just about money.

  2. So is it a matter of TOSU not pony-ing up the Benjamin’s to keep coaches? How do the Alabamas and Clemsons keep coaches? All I heard all year from the coaches was just how much fun they were having and now they seem to be in a race to cut the cord. Did I miss something – is there a coaches transfer portal and if so why aren’t my fellow fans bitching about coaches talking the walk or walking the talk, locking the caulk or whatever the fudge I read in posts past?

  3. Sure wish it were possible to keep the 2-year deals – which honestly I think 4 is better as that at least gives a scant semblance of continuity. But all the top programmes have the same issue so I guess it’s just the way of it anymore.

    1. Those two year deals aren’t what you think they are. They keep a guy from moving latterally, that’s all. And why would a guy move latterally from osu to start with? If an assistant coach can get a head job or a coordinator’s position, he’s under no obligation to stay two years. They don’t leave osu for the money, they leave for the position And the money. An assistant coach has almost no chance to get a head job, that’s why they want a coordinator’s title, then they have a chance to get a head job eventually.

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