Tom Herman Hooks Mike Yurcich For Texas Offensive Coordinator

Texas offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich

Mike Yurcich is leaving Ohio State after just one season to take the offensive coordinator position at Texas.

The Longhorns announced the move Sunday afternoon.

Yurcich will join another former OSU offensive coordinator, Tom Herman, who is now the Longhorns’ head coach. And he replaces yet another former Buckeye offensive coordinator, Tim Beck, in that role.

Herman also hired former OSU defensive coordinator Chris Ash for that position this offseason.

Yurcich served as the quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator for the Buckeyes this year, and helped oversee an offense that scored more points per game than any other in program history.

They finished with 46.9 points per game, beating the previous mark of 45.5 in 2013.

Yurcich, Ryan Day, and Kevin Wilson collaborated to run this year’s offense. Yurcich’s role focused primarily on passing.

“My area of expertise, and where I have the most input is in the passing game. So that’s my area where I really try to focus and reign in on what schemes are best for us and give my input,” Yurcich said before the Fiesta Bowl.

With Day and Wilson both returning next season, Yurcich was not likely to see a larger role with the Buckeyes.

By jumping to Texas, Yurcich will get to run his own offense, as well as having the offensive coordinator title.

He arrives at a tumultuous time for the Longhorns. They went just 7-5 this season, and enter this year’s Alamo Bowl with a 3-4 record in their last seven games.

Herman’s record is only 24-15 through three seasons, and his name has started popping up on lists of coaches on the hot seat in 2020.

If Yurcich can come close to matching the success he had in Columbus, that could go a long way toward putting Herman and the Longhorns on solid footing.

Meanwhile, Day will likely have a long list of potential quarterback coach replacements knocking on his door. Given that, and the fact that today’s news wasn’t a big surprise, don’t be surprised if that position is filled relatively quickly.

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  1. Anyone here of any targets that
    Day may go after?

  2. I am not sure if the rumors about Day asking him to look around are true and in any case, good luck to him. However, Day really needs to think about not caring if his assistants are here for one year as long as they are the best. The first thing Day should have learned from Meyer should have been that this is college football and recruiting is everything. Coaching changes are absolute killers to recruiting as we are dealing with teenagers and relationships and comfort is often the most important factor in their decisions. Relationships often take multiple years to build and one second to destroy with a coaching change. Continuity is vital to this process as we are finding out the hard way with key lasr minute losses that will be heavily felt the next couple of years. If the coaches are so great, they can go and get head coaching jobs directly and skipping coming here. If they need exposure to get there, then they need to pay their dues for the institution that gave them that vehicle. You can not come here for one year and start searching for jobs in the middle of preparation for playoff game and taking jobs even. Even two years is not acceptable as again, it is still too much disruption to recruiting and to the team as no one wants to jump from coach to coach as we are also finding out the hard way with the portal. Day has to earn his salary by finding the right balance or he will self destruct in my opinion. Pay them top dollar but with expectations. Pay them more every year they stay and perform well both in recruiting and coaching. Take your time in finding the right people.

    1. Wee – finally someone besides just me is concerned about coaches using OSU as training wheels for 1 year, learn the secret sauce recipe and then flying the finger for a few bucks more. Your points about recruiting continuity are spot-on. You won’t find me wishing 1 and done coach transfers good luck

      Next thing we have to worry about is players getting coached/poached to enter the transfer portal and going to Texas like Brendon White going to Rutgers. Yes, I realize that our coaches didn’t see much use for him but I remember him in 2018 being the saltpeter that finally got our D to stiffen up a little and I think Coach Shitzano saw the opportunity to whisper sweet nothings in his ear. As OC, who is Yurcich going to try to steal?

  3. I’m not crazy about the job he did this year. As many have mentioned, the red zone scheme yesterday was seriously lacking. He also never seemed to have coached Fields on how to get rid of the ball when he was in trouble.

  4. They have to be offering Yurchich NFL-type money, because that move simply makes no sense! It’s a lateral move at best. I would argue it’s a demotion.

    1. I’d call going from “passing game coordinator” to “offensive coordinator” and with a likely big bump in salary, a promotion no matter what teams are involved.

  5. Good luck to Coach Yurcich with Tom Herman’s sinking ship. Another year or two here and he would’ve probably been in line for a good HC position…

    Next coach up…

  6. Thank God, his play calling in red zone sucked!

  7. Yep Tom Herman’s job is in jeopardy and that is why he is making changes on his staff. If they don’t win the Big 12 within the next 2 years, I see Texas not keeping him.

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