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Three Things To Watch For From The Clemson Tigers

Clemson Ohio State College Football Playoff

Coach Woody Hayes stated, “You’ll find out that nothing that comes easy is worth a dime.”.  Nothing is going to be easy for the Ohio State Buckeyes, as they prepare to face Clemson in The 2019 Fiesta Bowl.

Like Ohio State, Clemson comes into this game undefeated.  Unlike Ohio State, Clemson comes into this game untested, averaging 47 points a game.  Clemson had a 21-20 nailbiter at North Carolina on September 28th, but have had no close games since that close call in Chapel Hill.

Below are three areas I will be focusing upon when this game kicks off at 8pm on ESPN…

  1. Clemson’s Wide Receivers Versus The Ohio State Secondary ~ Tee Higgins and Justyn Ross are the Tigers’ leading receivers, and both are going to be nearly impossible to shut down.  Ohio State has the talent to cover these receivers, but cannot give up big yards after the catch to them.  Jeff Hafley’s coverage schemes for the secondary may need to be mixed up periodically, to try and confuse Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

2.  Clemson’s Interior Offensive Line Versus Ohio State’s Defensive Line ~ Chase Young is going to be double and triple-teamed by Clemson, so it will be essential for the other Ohio State defensive linemen to be able to apply pressure on Trevor Lawrence.  How well the Clemson offensive line can protect against Robert Landers, Davon Hamilton, Jashon Cornell, and the other defensive linemen will bear watching.

3.  Clemson’s Travis Etienne Versus Ohio State’s Rush Defense ~ Ohio State has been effective against the run, only giving up an average of 100 yards per game on the ground.  Clemson’s Travis Etienne comes into this game with an impressive 1,500 and 17 touchdowns.  While the Clemson passing game is strong, Ohio State cannot become complacent against a back as good as Etienne.  Ohio State’s linebackers need to step up big here.

8 Responses

  1. GET OFF Tuf Borland’s back you bunch of know it alls. Werner is the one we need to worry about. If Dumbo saw our last three games they will see that the “Boy Wonder” CANNOT cover a tight end. Hell Dallas would be better covering the tight end than the Great Werner. As for Browning one head fake and he is done. Leaves his feet too soon. Best get to go after Etienne is Malik Harrison or Justin Hilliard. D line has to be reactive not proactive. The hell TTUN and Wisky didn’t double and triple team Chase. Watch the film dufus. Also both teams’ O Lines are taught to grab and hold.
    You dilberts missed a lot. I have watched both games several times. So many holding penalties on TTUN and Wisky it was unbelievable. Not only did I see it so did a good friend of mine who is a top High School Football official(umpire) in Florida.

  2. Etienne has been a monster with yards after contact. He’s fast, he’s elusive, … and he’s tough. You’d better load the box and wrap up when you try to stop him or you’ll find out the hard way.

  3. Well, poor little Clemson! I guess the Tigers had better just stay in the locker room and concede the game… I’ve heard this tune at least three times before. How did those work out for the Buckeyes?

  4. So far, Clemson’s offense has feasted on mediocrity. Ten of their FBS opponents average out at 85th in scoring defense. One is the Wofford Terriers. The other two, A&M and NC, are at 35th and 49th. They held Clemson to 24 and 21 pts, respectively.

    Both teams are talented on offense, but only OSU has proven it against good Ds, averaging 39 ppg against the four top 20 scoring Ds they faced (3 in the top 10).

  5. We cannot have Borland in space vs Etienne. He’s too slow I’m this game vs Etienne or Lawerence running

    1. Agree with this statement. Hopefully will see more of Browning due to his speed. Look for Clemson to attack our linebackers in coverage big time especially werner. Our linebackers have been better than last year but in my opinion still a liability. Can’t miss tackles like the last two games. Young has got to show up tomorrow night as he has disappeared the last two games. Not sure he was double and triple teamed as much as the media would have you believe.

  6. blah blah blah. If we do not get pressure on the quarterback we are toast. Justin Hilliard has a chance to have a big game if they let him spy Aunty Em or the QB. I keep hearing about double and triple teaming Young – never happened. Meatchicken and Wisconsin DID NOT do this.

  7. Etienne is fast with good vision and lateral elusiveness. He’s not good at all in pass pro and he’s not going to punish anyone between the tackles……..but, he is fast. He should be focusing his time at Clemson on being a slot receiver.

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