Two-Minute Drill: Ryan Day At Fiesta Bowl Media Day

Ohio State football coach Ryan Day

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day is running out of “firsts.”

He has already gone through his first Signing Day, spring practice, fall camp, and Early Signing Day as the Buckeyes’ head coach.

He already has his first win, his first win as a non-interim coach, his first win over Michigan, and his first Big Ten title.

Thursday, he had another first; being the guy at the center of the big podium at a College Football Playoff media day.

Day answered questions about his whirlwind first year in charge, his offense, his concerns about Clemson, and more.

Here’s a quick run through everything he had to say at 2019 Fiesta Bowl Media Day.

+ The Buckeyes have had “a great week of practice” but they know they’ll need it because Clemson is not only talented, but also well-coached.

+ He has told the team that they have to be prepared to go right out of the gate and get off to a fast start. “Part of this is understanding the electricity that’s going to come with the game and it will be on hyper speed for the first quarter, then just preparing for that.”

+ The coaching staff has worked to balance the work they need to get in with a little bit of fun this week, especially on Christmas. “We want to have a lot of fun and make sure they understand that this is their family away from home. But then some of the other practices have been really spirited, really physical and a lot of line here and they know that and our coaching staff knows that.”

+ There is obviously a lot on the line, but one thing is getting to spend a few more weeks with his first team as a head coach. “We’re not ready for this thing to be over. We’re fighting for that, too. We want to continue to play after this and keep this team together.”

+ Day knew the expectations for OSU were high and the margin for error was incredibly small. But it has helped to have coaches and players who he can count on. “When you surround yourself with great coaches, when you surround yourself with great players and leaders and recruit great families, that’s what helps and you rely on them. But it’s been quite a year.”

+ He tries not to think about the fact that some coaches spend their whole careers trying to get to a spot like where he is right now. But in the end, it’s all about the players. “Games like this, it comes down to the players. It is not plays. It is not coaches. It is the players playing great and they’re the ones who deserve the credit in the end.”

+ He said there is going to be an impressive amount of talent on the field on Saturday. “They have speed. We have speed. They have a really good quarterback. We have a really good quarterback. They have a really good running back; we have a really good running back. It goes back and forth. It is an equated game. It will be fun to watch.”

+ Day said the moment that was caught on camera with him goofing around with the offensive line at practice this week was something that happens all the time. It’s part of him and his team trying to savor every moment they have together. “I talk to them all the time, don’t take it for granted and don’t just let it go by. Appreciate each other. Appreciate being on this team because it will be gone one day.”

+ It hasn’t been quite as overwhelming to replace a legend like Urban Meyer because he knows he’s not doing it alone. “It is us, not just you, isolated. That’s kind of my style is that I like to have everybody involved with it. I like to empower the coordinators, empower (Mickey Marotti), empower Mark Pantoni in recruiting and you hire them to do the job.”

+ Jordan Fuller has been more than just a leader, he’s basically been another coach on the field. “He’s as close to a coach-player as I’ve been around. Just handles business the right way. Does everything the right way and he’s had a great year on the field.”

+ They know they don’t want to fall behind early, but also know that a fast start isn’t enough by itself. “You’re not just going to won’t blow a team out in the first quarter, first half in a game like this. It’s going to go four quarters. You get it into the fourth quarter and you go from there. But a fast start certainly helps.”

+ The stability that Gene Smith has provided within the program has helped keep the Buckeyes operating at an elite level through multiple coaching transitions. And the culture around the program and the level of support it receives throughout the state make a big difference, too. “I’m not from Ohio, I quickly was indoctrinated to what it means to be a Buckeye and what the rivalry game means and how important these games are to the people of Ohio. And when you grab onto that, you realize how important that is. And you feel that week in and week out.”

+ Day isn’t too interested in all the talk about disrespect and whether the Buckeyes are being overlooked. “We’re not getting into that too much. If you want respect, go beat the defending national champs who have won 28 straight games. Whatever people think, they think. At the end of the game, what matters is what they think on Saturday night.”

+ He talked to Dabo Swinney this week about how incredible it was that Clemson is riding a 28-game winning streak. “It is hard to win 28 games against air. I don’t know how you do that. I think it goes to show you the stability he’s had in his staff there and their ability to stay focused throughout that time, because all it takes is a couple of times the ball bounces one way or the other, and you lose a game. The consistency has been there. And nothing but respect for what they’ve done during this run.”

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