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The Buckeye SloopCast: S5E40 — New Year

SloopCast Ohio State Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of The Buckeye SloopCast, Jared and Kyle look ahead to 2020. They discuss who is staying and who is going and wonder about Shaun Wade. The pending hire of Corey Dennis is also a topic. Are people who are calling this nepotism off base? They also look ahead to the 2021 recruiting class with a refresher there. Then they have a talk about replay and if it is broken. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

It’s 2020 and Michigan still sucks

#OhioState players staying and leaving

How many slobs are coming back?

Put a number on it… Is Wade returning?

QB coaching carousel

No, it’s not nepotism… Dennis can coach

Brief 2021 recruiting refresher

#OhioState with an astounding pair from Philly

Is replay broken?


Confidence pool coming down to the wire

A rough weekend overall

Could 2020 #OhioState be better than 2019?

Kyle makes a guarantee


The Outside Voices
Stoned and Lonely

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