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Two-Minute Drill: Chris Holtmann, Buckeyes Talk 61-57 Loss to Wisconsin

Chris Holtmann Ohio State Basketball Buckeyes

COLUMBUS- The Buckeyes lost their second straight game in a heartbreaking loss at home after leading for the majority of the game. Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann and junior center Kaleb Wesson spoke with the media following the Buckeyes’ 61-57 loss to Wisconsin on Friday night.

Badgers’ head coach Greg Gard also met with reporters and talked about Wisconsin’s win.

Here’s a summary of what was said.

Greg Gard

+ He is extremely happy for his guys. This was the definition of a team win. They had to experience growing pains in November and December but he is proud of their efforts and battling away in this game.

+ He would describe his team as ‘gritty.’

+ Kaleb Wesson has made himself into a really complete player. He is a tough cover but it was going to take a group effort and keeping guys fresh. “Kaleb is a heck of a player.”

+ On Micah Potter’s emotions, Gard said he is one of the most mature and respectful players he has ever been around. Even going through the transfer process, he was the most mature adult in the room. Chris Holtmann and Gene Smith did a great job supporting him. He handled this game fine and he has a lot of respect for Ohio State.”Phenomenal person and a great addition to our program.”

Chris Holtmann

+ He gives Wisconsin credit for making more plays and critical offensive rebounds down the stretch.

+ He is sure that Kyle Young could have helped but they have good enough players to limit offensive rebounds and they have to get better.

+ He is confident he has guys who can step up to not always rely on Kaleb Wesson, but he added that Wesson generated a lot of offense in this game.

+ He is trying to figure out what their go-to lineup is.

+ They haven’t been in a whole lot of close, one or two possession games.

+ They have to look at a lot of film.

+ Two good teams, league play, now they have to figure it out and get better. “Nobody likes this feeling.”

+ D.J. Carton has to take it one game at a time. He will respond in the right way. “Freshman go through some of these struggles and we have to help him through that.”

+ E.J. Liddell needs to play more physical.

+ He thought some guys made some decent reads they just didn’t finish plays.

+ They were wondering how they would respond in close games. That was a definite question.

Kaleb Wesson

+ On the minutes down the stretch, Wesson said they have to practice these situations. It comes down to preparation and the older guys keeping their poise. Wisconsin kept them out of their stuff so they have to find something else.

+ The coaches saw that he had the hot hand early and wanted to feed him more. His teammates did a good job of finding him.

+ On helping D.J. Carton through this game, Wesson said they just have to communicate and keep his spirits up. He might be down on himself but he’s here for a reason and he can come in the next game and produce.

+ His improved defense is credit to his off-season work and preparation with Coach Q.

+ The locker room talk was that they have a quick turnaround facing Maryland on Tuesday.

+ “Duane Washington Jr. is our shooter, that’s what he does.”

+ They have to take care of the ball. The talk now is about slowing down and not trying to be the hero, just working with the offense.

You can watch the full videos below.

Greg Gard

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Chris Holtmann

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Kaleb Wesson

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  1. So much for 50% grom the 3. How does carton play 20 minutes and not score at all? OSU needs to get this turned around quickly. This is a legutament team for sure that hasn’t responded well to losing 2 starters. Duane Washingtons slump has hurt the most.the offense depends on him splashing 3’s.At least with Holtman we know by the end of the year this team will have improved over the course of the season, unlike what we had before with matta.

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