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Two-Minute Drill: Michigan Week | Ohio State Buckeyes Player Updates

Ohio State Buckeyes at Michigan Wolverines 2015

Nearly a dozen Buckeyes sat down with the media on Monday to preview Saturday’s upcoming matchup against the Michigan Wolverines.

Billy Price Updates

+ Preparation is always key for this week. You can’t really prepare too much.

+ The team is always well-educated on the rivalry. It’s always a chance to take part of a great rivalry and change the history of the game.

+ The ability to play in this game was one reason why he chose Ohio State.

+ Out-of-state guys learn about the rivalry a little bit early on in recruiting. Then it just continues once they sign.

Pat Elflein Updates

+ As a player in this rivalry, you have to have respect for Michigan. You don’t have to do that as a fan. Fans can sometimes take the losses worse than the team, but that’s the kind of passion you want in a fan base.

+ Michigan tight end Jake Butt is a friend. They are both from Pickerington. They will both be out on the field for the coin toss, which will be a cool moment for the both of them. ”

+ “Friendship is bigger than football, but this week it’s not.”

+ When told that Michigan’s defense has injured five quarterbacks this year and they have a motto of “Nobody makes it out alive,” Elflein responded with a “Ha.” And then said he didn’t really care about any of that information.

Chris Worley Updates

+ Worley remembers watching the 2006 Michigan game at Glenville High School with about a thousand other people, including teammate Marshon Lattimore.

+ You live for games like this if you’re a competitor.

+ He kept his first pair of gold pants even though his mom wanted them. She got last year’s gold pants instead.

+ The staff does a great job of explaining the rivalry to the new guys, but until you play in it, you just don’t know what it’s like.

+ If you care about the rivalry then you will respect the opponent.

Terry McLaurin Updates

+ He hasn’t started watching film on UM cornerback Jourdan Lewis yet, but he said they’ll look for weaknesses and do what they’re supposed to do as wide receivers and try to put all of their work together for this game.

+ As a competitor you want to go against the best.

+ He has learned plenty about Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler and the great players of the past in this rivalry.

+ The intensity is a lot different watching as a player to playing. You think you know from being on the sideline or being around the team.

+ The receivers are happy as long as they’re winning. They’re not worried about catches.

+ On Michigan: “To be honest, we don’t like ’em.”

Joe Burger Updates

+ Burger said it means a lot to hear Urban Meyer would name his next child “Burger Fada.”

+ Being a Buckeye lasts way beyond just his five years here at Ohio State.

+ He can’t look back on his career right now because he’s in the middle of the most important week of his life.

+ Even though he has had to deal with an injury recently he said there was no worry that he was going to miss this game, regardless of injury.

+ On Jabrill Peppers, Burger said they have faced dynamic players before, but not yet a punt returner as good as he is. Michigan is just very aggressive on the returns.

Tyquan Lewis Updates

+ Lewis said he enjoys watching rivalry games.

+ Getting the young players ready for this game starts in practice. The scout team always brings it.

+ Lewis was on the scout team as a freshman and had to wear the blue winged helmets. It didn’t bother him because he just wanted to give his teammates the best look possible.

+ Yesterday the band came in for their annual visit and that’s always a great time during a tense week.

+ Lewis loves the physicality of this rivalry.

+ Schemes can only get a team so far in this game. You have to execute throughout the game and maintain your keys. Those are the important things.

J.T. Barrett Updates

+ Michigan is a good football team and OSU doesn’t like them.

+ The trio of Barrett, Weber, and Samuel are running the ball really well right now.

+ Michigan will play man-to-man coverage, and anytime a team does that, it allows for plays to be made by the QBs and WRs. They just have to go and make them.

+ You have to respect your opponent whether you like them or not.

+ The brawl in 2013 was his first welcome to this rivalry. He heard about the rivalry when he was being recruited, but that was the first time he experienced it up close.

Gareon Conley Updates

+ Conley committed to Michigan in high school because it was his first big-time offer and he wasn’t even a football player, he was a basketball player per him.

+ It is an honor to play in this game.

+ It was Kerry Coombs’ decision to put Conley at nickel because he wanted all three cornerbacks on the field at the same time.

+ All of Michigan’s skill players are very good.

+ Teams have done some crazy formations against Ohio State all season long and they’ll do it again this week.

+ He remembers the first time he started to dislike Michigan. While he was committed to them, they threatened to pull his offer if he visited Ohio State.