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Talking Joe Burrow’s Broken Hand and Dwayne Haskins as the Backup

Joe Burrow and Dwayne Haskins

With one week until kickoff, Clair Crawford joined Mark Rogers to talk about Ohio State football, namely the backup quarterback situation. With Joe Burrow breaking his hand this week, what does that mean for the Buckeyes, and what is next for Dwayne Haskins as OSU’s backup? Check it out!

4 Responses

  1. Edward how do you know Burrow didn’t have a chance? What’s your evidence?

  2. Edward how do do you know Burrow didn’t have the job the as he say? What’s your evidence???

  3. Burrow, getting hurt, won’t make any difference in the back up QB . He never had a honest chance of winning the job. Meyer LOVES Haskins. He has the athletic ability for the position. Burrow needs to move on. No money to be made staying at OSU. Joey will get the last laugh!!!

  4. Fickle Buckeye fans. Two days ago some of us were fretting over whether Joe Burrow or Dwayne Haskins should back up J.T. Burrow breaks a bone in his throwing hand and less than a day later it’s, “Moving on! How good a backup will Haskins be?”
    Burrow who?
    Hope he makes a full recovery, and gets every opportunity to prove (next year) that he definitely deserves to be a Buckeye signal caller.

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