Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer Updates Oct. 3 B1G Teleconference

Urban Meyer Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Ohio State and Maryland take the field against each other this Saturday afternoon at 4:00 pm on FOX. In advance of the matchup, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer provided some updates on his Buckeyes football team on Tuesday’s Big Ten coaches teleconference. Here are the highlights.

+ Asked what stands out about Maryland, Meyer said the offensive skill set sticks out, as does their return game. The running back (Ty Johnson) is very patient and has great acceleration. The defense has another year of understanding of what they are doing, which catches his eye.

+ How to use both Mike Weber and J.K. Dobbins? Meyer said they’re working on it. The obligation is to play the best players. They didn’t get the reps with either player that they wanted last week because the score was out of hand, but they want to get them both more involved.

+ Meyer would get “so angry” when people used to rip Alex Smith in the NFL. He was on a bad team and the struggles are not always on the quarterback.

+ Maryland quarterback Max Bortenschlager was extremely efficient last week against Minnesota. “I thought he did excellent.” Now he has established himself as a starter. The Ohio State defensive staff has great respect for him.

+ Dwayne Haskins has played well and his performance bodes well for his future at Ohio State. He came from a smaller high school, so it took him some time to get up to the speed of the game. Game experience has been priceless and he has handled it very well.

+ Meyer will stick with a running back if he provides energy to the offensive line and protects the ball. As a coach, it’s not much different than being a fan — you can just tell when a running back should stay on the field and get more carries. This is the first time he’s had this quality of running backs complementing each other.

+ Dante Booker struggled a bit early in the season getting back into the flow of things. You never worry about him going hard, but sometimes he overanalyzed everything instead of just playing 4-6, A-B. Everybody loves him and the players respect him. There was a big cheer for him when he was announced as the defensive player of the game following Rutgers.

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  1. Yes! I smell a conspiracy! A cover-up! Only you two guys know the truth.

    You’d better watch out, though. Urban may send Buckeye Guy to break your typing fingers to keep this from getting around.

    1. Keep on pumping the sunshine. I’ve actually met Buckeye Guy. Good guy, and he’s more realistic than sunshine pumpers tend to be. That should be a lesson for you. Just because people see things and aren’t afraid to put it out there, DOESN’T mean they are somehow less Buckeye fan than people like you.

      In Coach Meyers old age he’s taking on more and more characteristics of Jim Tressel. Play favorites, because he can.

  2. Getting rather cynical here, don’t you think, guys? Every good coach also happens to be human. We all have our favorites. And the top tier coaches in college football all have their own Coachspeak – Saban has his, Meyer has his, has his. Being a big-time college football coach involves a fairly good amount of political BS. Meyer has his, but as far as obfuscation is concerned, he’s small time compared to past OSU coaches, IMHO. You can rag on Meyer all you want, I don’t care, but who do you want to replace him with? Glen Mason???

    1. Who said anything about wanting him replaced? I think he should get rid of a couple of baggage assistants, but, he should remain the Head Coach. I agree that every coach has an ego. He wouldn’t be a Head Coach if he didn’t have that. The irritating thing is always talking about the best guys will play. That kind of nonsense will eventually start to cost him on the recruiting trail if he doesn’t live up to the rhetoric.

  3. Whoa there on the next to last point, gang. Coach Meyer- not his offensive coordinators- overtly ABANDONS his running back in favor of personal likes, regardless of whether that back is “providing energy”, protecting the ball, or even ripping off huge chunks of yardage. Darn it, he came that close to making an entire conference without trying to sneak nonsense past people. Almost, coach…

    1. Yep. Sunshine pumpers will cling to his every word. In the meantime the running game, intermediate and deep passing game aren’t getting any work. BUT, we negative nancy’s get pushed aside for pointing out the obvious rhetorical nonsense.

      Just remember “longtime fan”, reality doesn’t matter as long as Coach Meyer is gameplanning to ensure his favorite is put into a position to set records at the expense of the rest of the roster.

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