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Accost the Field — Episode 41: The Latest in the Quarterback Race

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In this episode of Accost the Field, the fellas talk quite a bit about the Ohio State quarterback situation. Included in the discussion are thoughts on Joe Burrow’s annoyance at people assuming he’s going to be the one leaving. The show also features the five traits that Urban Meyer is looking for in his quarterbacks, and which current quarterback that might favor. The linebackers are also a topic, as is the injury to starting middle linebacker Tuf Borland.

It’s the first of two shows this week and it’s pretty jam packed with Ohio State football goodness. Friday’s show will feature more stuff from practice and interviews. We’ll be talking Alex Grinch and the safeties, a floating Greg Schiano, more touches for the H-backs, a couple of random topics, and then listener questions.

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The Rundown

+ Semi-friendly banter.

+ Saying goodbye to Keita Bates-Diop.

+ The Tuf Borland injury.

+ Tuf Borland is one of the best guys that Urban Meyer has ever been around.

+ What happens to the old “best guys” Urban Meyer used to be around?

+ What does the defense do now at middle linebacker without Tuf Borland?

+ Urban Meyer loves Justin Hilliard and Baron Browning.

+ Where and how does Baron Browning get on the field this year?

+ Getting injury advice from panhandlers.

+ Baron Browning is as talented a linebacker as has ever walked through the doors at the WHAC.

+ Does Dante Booker have a shot at a place in this defense if he won’t be healthy this spring?

+ Meyer isn’t thrilled with the quarterbacks right now.

+ The difficulty of looking good early in the spring.

+ The five traits Urban Meyer and Ryan Day look for in a quarterback.

+ Which quarterback fits those five traits best?

+ The quarterback who does what the best will win the job?

+ The respect that the QBs have from their teammates comes from different places.

+ Is there confirmation bias from the fan base on Dwayne Haskins?

+ Should the Illibuck be based on covering the Vegas line instead of winning the game?

+ Tate Martell will see the field this year because he has grown up.

+ What could Martell bring to the Ohio State offense?

+ How does Martell fit into the offense under Burrow and under Haskins?

+ Defenses preparing for an offense of Haskins and Martell could be very difficult.

+ Joe Burrow’s annoyance at people assuming he’ll be the QB transferring.

+ Dwayne Haskins going full Costanza?

+ Tate Martell doesn’t believe the QB job is a foregone conclusion.

+ It’s important to have a starter in place following spring camp.

+ Does Joe Burrow need to be named the starter in order to stay?

+ Dwayne Haskins as a power runner.

+ Why people don’t talk about Dwayne Haskins or Tate Martell transferring.

+ Haskins is living out his dream.

+ Final thoughts from Monday’s practice.

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