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Accost the Field — It’s a Trap (Game)!

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk about the best and worst things they saw in the Minnesota game. They then spend some time talking about Nick Bosa’s decision to move on from Ohio State and prepare for the NFL Draft. What will the Buckeyes (continue to) do in his absence? Then it’s time for plenty of Purdue talk. Will the Buckeyes be able to run the ball? If so, that would be really good for them. Will they be able to stop Rondale Moore? If not, that would be really bad for them. There’s plenty else talked about as well.

The Rundown

+ Enjoyable banter.

+ If you want a Minnesota recap, go here.

+ The best thing we saw on Saturday.

+ K.J. Hill was a plus.

+ We are taking Dwayne Haskins for granted already.

+ Soon Dwayne Haskins will move on and we can finally get some good offense going.

+ Goodbye 600 yards of total offense, hello ∞ yards under Tate Martell.

+ The worst thing we saw.

+ The running game is worse than terrible.

+ It hasn’t been this bad since…

+ Minnesota’s defense isn’t terrible, but come on.

+ The running game should have been figured out by now.

+ Kevin Wilson says it’s about attitude.

+ Are they getting that attitude from Michael Jordan?

+ The coaches tell us what they think about players with their Champions grades.

+ Sometimes it takes a loss to flip a switch.

+ Nick Bosa is leaving Ohio State.

+ Joe Burrow would have never allowed Nick Bosa to leave but Dwayne Haskins did.

+ Most people get the decision and it was a proper decision.

+ You can’t relate to this decision.

+ Nick Bosa is an elite athlete so he needs to be 100% in order to be where he wants to be.

+ Tony equates it to when he’s been sick but knows when he is 100% because that’s when he can have Taco Bell again.

+ The further away Bosa got away from OSU, the easier it was to stay away.

+ Seeing him at practice seemed like good news.

+ None of his teammates were upset.

+ It was a decision regarding “generational wealth” and it was the right decision.

+ When will somebody choose to sit out a season after a bad start?

+ Is Ohio State still a title contender?

+ We’ve been too negative on this show.

+ October is rarely pretty and it can be relatively meaningless.

+ The 2014 team didn’t look like a title team at this point four years ago.

+ The 2002 team looked like a championship contender in September and for two quarters and two overtimes in January, and that’s about it.

+ Urban Meyer is undefeated at Ohio State without the albatross of a Bosa around his neck.

+ Every single Meyer loss at OSU has come with a Bosa screwing things up on the defensive line.

+ Losing Nick Bosa is probably a blessing in disguise.

+ Put all of your money on Ohio State winning a national title now.

+ Blow your kids’ college money because your kids won’t need to go to college.

+ You can’t argue against science and math.

+ So now what at defensive end?

+ Will Dre’Mont Jones get some time at defensive end now?

+ These coaches don’t ever seem to want to make personnel changes.

+ Was it worth all of the trouble to sign these two Bosa brothers?

+ They only got five years out of two brothers.

+ Tom thinks it was worth it. Tony wonders where all of the national titles are.

+ Embracing debate is fun!

+ They would have gotten 9 or 10 years out of the Winovich brothers.

+ They were so cool and so easy going. Makes me sick.

+ Embracing debate is really hard.

+ The Bosas averaged half a national championship between them — who outside of Ann Arbor even does that?

+ It’s Purdue Week!

+ Before the season, this was The Trap Game.

+ Don’t get sucked in by Purdue’s record.

+ West Lafayette has not been good to the Buckeyes.

+ How likely is it for Dwayne Haskins to throw for 400 yards this week?

+ It feels inevitable, which means it’s not going to happen.

+ The weather could impact the passing game.

+ OSU probably won’t be able to run the ball so they’ll have to throw it.

+ Is 500 yards passing more likely than under 300 for Haskins?

+ That question would make Urban Meyer’s blood boil.

+ Slant routes are new inventions.

+ Did Purdue possibly have time to put slant routes into their playbook in just one week?

+ Purdue’s offense is going to be trouble.

+ Over/under on Rondale Moore’s yards from scrimmage is 162.5.

+ He’s like a tiny Parris Campbell.

+ This could be a program-changing win for Purdue.

+ If Damon Arnette can’t play this week, you’re pretty much down to five guys in the secondary.

+ And they’re probably going to play a bunch of nickel, so the rotation goes out the window.

+ That could wear the secondary out by the time the fourth quarter rolls around.

+ If Ohio State can run the ball, they’ll be fine.

+ This is starting to feel like a game where everything comes together for the Buckeyes.

+ This game may be too big for Purdue.

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  1. Like I said before the Defense is like the big12 We will win this game 45-42 maybe

  2. I vote that no one ever says again that Ohio State runs “tempo” on offense. To say “tempo” implies UP tempo, as in quickly. UP tempo does not happen. I propose all commentators describe the Ohio State offense is a no-huddle approach. No huddle is a style that may or may not be run quickly. Perfect description of Ohio State–We don’t huddle, and we take our time doing it. If you just can’t let go of “tempo,” you must add a qualifier like: Slow or moderate or relaxed. I hope I am not offending anyone. I am just looking for responsible reporting that accurately describes reality. The Ozone is my last hope for such journalistic responsibility.

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